The Importance Of Honesty And Integrity: Beliefs In Morals

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The importance of integrity is the trust that people put into you and the fact trust could either be manipulated or easily taken away depending on who you deal with but it’s important to have people who trust you than to be deemed untrustworthy because you won’t be able to relie and ask for support because how would they know you don’t trash them the second they help you as a matter of fact trust can be especially hard to earn with different people because they may be used and it’s good to have trustworthy people on your side that won’t ditch you the second you start losing the result of using people’s trust is they may never trust you with anything again or it may be a long time until they do trust you because its an important thing to stay true, honest, and to have integrity because life is really unpredictable, as well as people who are out in the world just for the sole purpose to swindle, lie, and cheat their way to the top but it may not always be their fault they may have been used in the same way you’ve may or may have not been used and to people who see the effectiveness use this tactic because they are afraid of being used just like everyone else having integrity can help but too much, such as revealing little white lies, may make things worse, be safe but not too safe. 

In a world of “survival of the fittest” the fact is no matter the situation that is the most basic rule of life and it may not be physical fitness it can be intelligence and mental will power no matter how strong or weak you are, you must get back up on a different, more morally, correct path and you will find the importance of honesty, integrity, and rust you and others put into each other as humans I could never stress the importance of having trustworthy people in your life because as humans we need to work together to get a task done only being one person is very limiting and tiring work. To have people put trust in you is a gamble so choose honest options don’t force yourself our themselves upon you or them because it may just influence the way others will think, think about you, how they treat you or others, etc. This is the importance of integrity because integrity is honesty, trust, and morals from others and yourself.

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