"The Help": Depiction of Racial Struggles in 1960s America

July 19, 2023
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"The Help" stands as one of Hollywood's most beloved cinematic works, delving into the challenging themes of segregation and racial prejudice. Released in 2011, masterfully directed by Tate Taylor, and inspired by Kathryn Stockett's novel, the film provides profound insights into racial relationships during the 1960s in the United States. Within its captivating narrative lie numerous instances of injustice and violence perpetrated against the black community, highlighting the disparities in opportunities between African Americans and whites at that time. While it doesn't focus on many significant figures and events from the Civil Rights Movement Era, it remains a valuable resource for students seeking a deeper understanding of history.

Set in the backdrop of 1960s Mississippi, the central character, Skeeter Phelan, is a white college graduate returning to her privileged home life with aspirations of becoming a writer. After facing rejection from her dream job, she takes up a cleaning advice column, leading her to encounter Aibileen, a black maid employed by one of her friends. Witnessing the mistreatment of these maids by her affluent acquaintances deeply disturbs Skeeter, compelling her to embark on a daring project—a book featuring interviews from the maids' perspective, known as "the help." Engaging in dialogue with the maids proves challenging, given the severe prejudice and danger they face daily in a racially tense environment, where even talking to Skeeter could risk their lives.

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Aibileen becomes the first to join the project, followed by several other maids in Jackson. The film vividly portrays the lives of African Americans during that era, emphasizing the glaring inequality in pay, transportation, respect, and representation. One poignant scene featuring Minnie's daughter exposes the limited choices available to black children, their lack of access to education, and the grim reality of child labor.

Skeeter's ignorance about the lives of the women who have served her family and friends highlights the glaring asymmetry in the relationship between the black maids and the families they work for. Despite attending to the most intimate details of their employers' lives, these maids remain shrouded in mystery, even to the children they care for. This emphasizes the profound disconnect between African American and white communities, who lead entirely separate lives with minimal interaction.

Critics have voiced concerns about the film's focus on black women domestics, citing the perpetuation of limiting and stereotypical roles. Additionally, some have accused the filmmakers of misrepresenting the Mississippi Delta's regional dialect and speech patterns. Furthermore, the film has been criticized for neglecting to acknowledge black women's vulnerability to sexual harassment and assault and downplaying the significance of civil rights activism during that period.

While "The Help" does not encompass all the historical events of that time, it successfully captures crucial moments, shedding light on the era of segregation and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. It's essential for the audience to approach the film with a critical eye, recognizing that the narrative represents only a fraction of the larger historical context. The film's primary intent is to entertain while providing accurate historical elements that aid students in comprehending the complexities of that tumultuous period.

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