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The Clash of Generations in Mike Nichols Movie The Graduate

Prior to The Graduate (Mike Nichols, 1967), Old Hollywood studios used to produce films that were aimed at almost everyone. However, after the film’s remarkable success, studios around Hollywood started aiming their films to the younger generation. “An industry report at the beginning of 1968...

Film Analysis: The Graduate, Rear Window, And Singin' In The Rain

At the start of the film, The Graduate, Benjamin tells his father that he wants his life to be different. Being 20 years old and freshly out of college, Benjamin is extremely anxious and hopeless because he has no clue what life has in store...

The Changes in Hollywood towards the 1960s in Relation to the Movie The Graduate

Introduction Hollywood experienced a drastic change in the late 1960s, Hollywood had its revolution on film production process and administration, filmmaking style and techniques as well as themes of movies. Those changes had pushed Hollywood the widely recognized era called “New Hollywood” or “Hollywood Renaissance”....

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