The Examination of Cunnilungus as an Instrument of Death

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“Cunning cunnilingus”, meaning the harm or death of a partner during oral stimulation of a female genitals, while it is uncommon, it is far from new. In July 1967, Dr. Marvin E. Aronson and Dr. Philip K. Nelson published an obstetrics and gynecology journal called Fatal Air Embolism in Pregnancy Resulting from an Unusual Sexual Act. This medical volume mentions several cases in which pregnant teenage girls died abruptly from air embolism due to cunnilingus with their partners. The practice of blowing air in female genitalia for the partner to reach climax is still very much a thing. And while the culprits were not charged in any of these cases with murder due to it being an accident, it still counts nevertheless as involuntary manslaughter.

No one can say with honesty that they have never thought of murder once in their lifetime. In 2013, an unnamed Brazilian woman had this thought. She has confessed to the attempting murder of her husband by lacing her genitalia with a potent rat poison and urging him to engage in cunnilingus with her. This bizarre murder plot, given the name of “cunning cunnilingus” due to one commentator, took place in the city of Sao de Jose Rio Preto. While poisoning via female genitalia might seem like a clever idea at first, it really is not as stated by Richard Cone, a biophysics professor: “The vaginal epithelium […] is highly water permeable in a way our skin is not,” It remains nevertheless an intriguing concept. The intended victim, a 43-year-old unnamed man says that when he was about to perform cunnilingus on his wife, he smelled an unusual odor emanating from her genitalia and, fearing for her health, took her to a local hospital. Medical tests revealed she had doused her genitalia with enough of the unspecified toxin to kill both her husband and herself. When the culprit was confronted with the test results, she immediately confessed to her crime. “Love can be the deadliest weapon or the prettiest flower depending on how you use it,” (The one who is attempting to be the one.) fits this case. The reason for the attempted murder was that the culprit feared that her husband was going to divorce her. The irony is that while he may have had some doubts before due to past feelings, they are now gone. While she recovered in the hospital, her husband planned to sue her for attempted murder. Unfortunately for her, she knew exactly what she was doing so she cannot plead insanity. Also, she must be quite intelligent and creative to choose this way to end her husband’s life. Fortunately for her husband, she was not properly educated in human physiology and in the black art of poisoning (a recognized form of art that originated in Florence during the Renaissance.)

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When I was a child, I remember watching the famous James Bond film GoldenEye movie and a quote arose in my mind: “There is no gathering the rose without being pricked by the thorns,” (Panchatantra). In this movie, the lead female villain called Xenia is played by the talented Famke Janssen. She plays a beautiful Russian assassin that gets sexually aroused from killing. I vividly remember one scene in particular, in which a Canadian admiral is performing cunnilingus on her and in the process of it, she ties her legs around his head as hard as she can, resulting in his suffocation while she achieves climax. It reminded me of watching a black widow mating ritual. During the whole ritual, the male black widow performs a mating dance in which he sends a specific amount of vibration in a specific time manner that puts the female in a trance and renders her temporarily docile. If the male makes one wrong move, then the female will devour him alive. The admiral, very much like a male black widow, entered her deadly trap willingly.

Killing is an instinct that is dormant in most of us until an unpleasant situation arises, then this said instinct kicks in. Since the creation of mankind, we have perfected ourselves into killing machines thanks to our well-developed brains. Thanks to advanced DNA research, scientists have found that a number of North American individuals share some common genetics that dates way back in time when their ancestors were cannibals which further proves that some of us have acquired thousands of years of taste buds for human flesh. “Cannibalism often begins as a fantasy […] but when that person gets a taste for real, the pleasure center of the brain becomes activated and large amounts of dopamine are released – similar to what happens when someone ingests a drug like cocaine,” (Karen Hylen, therapist at Summit Malibu Treatment Center). It is only upon establishing religions that “murder” and “cannibalism” was shunned as it taught men differences between men and animals such as the ability to recognize right from wrong by having a conscience. But that did not prevent people from resorting to that extreme in times of need -Jamestown, North America, winter of 1609-10- Prehistorical humans learned to suppress that instinct in order to live in communities in order to increase survival chances. Again, this longing to be accepted by our peer strains from selfishness and thus we acquired a mutualistic relationship.

The perfect crime in my opinion would be a form of cunning cunnilingus that triggers anaphylaxis shock due to severe food allergy. Up to 15 million of Americans have food allergies. About 90% of these allergies are from: dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, fish and shellfish. Instead of putting a foreign toxic substance in some female genitalia, the idea is to slather a genitalia-safe lubricant containing the allergy that the partner has and while performing cunnilingus, the latter will go into anaphylaxis shock and die before the ambulance can save them. This type of “accidental” death during foreplay happens quite often and would most likely not be investigated and especially if the culprit proves to be of- low intelligence, which is easily faked, and has no reasons nor gain from the death of the victim. What makes this murder perfect is not in the execution, but rather on the culprit’s performance. From my years of studying forensic science and psychology, I can say that the “perfect murder” does not exist in a physical sense, it is a mindset. Iron-clad determination, patience, endurance, hatred, high intelligence, charms, magnetic personality, outstanding acting skills and a mental illness are all key ingredients to the recipe of a “perfect murder”.

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