The Effect of Racism in Modern Society: A Research

July 19, 2023
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Throughout the course of human existence, racism has persisted as a pervasive aspect of society. It has tormented the minds of civilizations, leading them to commit numerous atrocities and wreak havoc. This harmful belief has greatly impeded humanity's social progress, retarding it to a sluggish pace akin to that of a turtle. The objective of this study was to explore how racism affects our society and to identify the measures being taken to combat it. Our hypothesis posits that "Racism is a malevolent force that is draining the life-blood from our society."

Over time, however, the society has developed a sort of defense mechanism against racism, which is vital for its advancement. To explore this further, we conducted a survey at FAST-NUCES. We randomly selected 30 individuals to fill out questionnaires and share their perspectives on the current state of racism in our society. Surprisingly, more than 75% of the participants strongly condemned racism. Despite witnessing instances of racism, these respondents had not taken significant action to combat it. They showed respect to various ethnic groups but rarely stood up for them. From these findings, it is evident that society is becoming more aware of this problem, and the stage is set for people to step forward and eradicate racism. However, achieving this will require significant time and a plethora of initiatives against racism before people are comfortable speaking out against it. Eventually, when people are vocal and passionate about equality and the perils of racism, the aforementioned societal defense mechanisms will become fully operational.


Definition of Racism

Racism encompasses prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed at individuals of different races, based on the belief that one's own race is superior. It involves assigning specific characteristics, abilities, or qualities to each race, often with the intention of distinguishing one as inferior or superior to another. Racism may manifest as a belief that a particular race or person is superior due to factors like language, religion, culture, skin color, or birthplace. Anything used to discriminate against a group or individual, beyond their control, falls under the domain of racism. Ethnicity, race, religion, region, and language are among the factors people exploit for discrimination. Racism has influenced wars, slavery, the formation of nations, and legal codes, leading to the marginalization of countless remarkable individuals.

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Effects of Racism

Racism has persisted throughout human history, inflicting abuse upon groups such as Native Indians and African Americans based solely on the color of their skin. These victimized groups bore no fault other than having a different skin color than white individuals. Racism has served as a potent weapon to instill fear and hatred during times of conflict, war, and economic downturns. The regular experience of racism takes a significant toll on individuals, communities, and society as a whole, hindering the enjoyment of freedom, nobility, and rights based solely on one's race. It is important to note that racism is not an innate trait but rather something learned over time.

Various Forms of Racism

Racism manifests in various settings, including local neighborhoods, workplaces, markets, public transport, educational institutions, events, and media. In recent years, cyber-racism has become a significant issue with inflammatory remarks on social media, offensive memes, and hateful videos. Unfortunately, humans are still inclined to judge others based on surface appearances, leading to stereotypes and discrimination.


Based on various studies and surveys, we have formulated some predictions concerning racism and its future. Although not set in stone, these predictions are based on patterns observed within different cultures.

  1. The rise of social media will continue to give minorities a platform to voice their opinions, promoting social awareness.
  2. Embracing racial and cultural diversity will act as a catalyst for social development, reducing racism.
  3. Future generations are expected to be less critical of an individual's race, as racism is a learned behavior.
  4. Evaluating individuals based on their abilities and capabilities, rather than their race, will foster economic growth.
  5. Increased social interaction among different ethnic backgrounds will help reduce misconceptions and grievances.
  6. The success of individuals from diverse backgrounds will challenge racist beliefs and inspire others to compete on a larger scale.
  7. The chains of racial bias woven into society are gradually weakening with time.
  8. Embracing cultural identity and defending it proudly will minimize racism in the future.
  9. While activism against racism is commendable, complete color blindness is not the solution; acknowledging racial disparity is essential.

Conclusion and Recommendations

It is evident from our research that racism severely hinders true equality and unbiased judgment of individuals. To progress as a society, we must take concrete steps to combat this scourge. The following recommendations can significantly aid in addressing racism:

  1. Acknowledge racism as a serious problem that requires immediate attention and action.
  2. Speak out against misconceptions and misrepresentations that perpetuate racism, promoting a voice of reason and understanding.
  3. Embrace cultural diversity and encourage mutual respect and trust among different racial groups.
  4. Implement laws and contingencies that protect cultural diversity and oppose any threats to it.
  5. Cultivate an anti-racist culture within society, making it a norm to stand against racism in all its forms.

In conclusion, racism has been a dark stain on human history, hindering progress and causing untold suffering. It is time for us to actively combat this vile malignance and work towards a society that truly values equality, respect, and understanding. While progress has been made, there is much work to be done before racism is eradicated entirely. Let us strive to build a world where racial discrimination is but a distant memory.


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