The Duality of Human Nature in The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson and was set within the 19th century during the Victorian-era London, where expectations are excessive and reputations are valued. This novella explores the dual traits of a Victorian man, and his link with an alternative personality, and how he needs an exit from Hyde, the evil mysterious side of Dr Jekyll that he cannot part with. Aware of the evil side, he explores, to be freed from it through scientific experiments. This book has the idea of setting apart the two personalities in one character, meaning there are two sides to every person, a good side constantly in battle with an evil side. Dr Jekyll thinks that if these two personalities can be separated then the world will be refined from suffering, therefore he begins a series of experiments to separate the two sides of himself.

Yes I believe Stevenson has unquestionably incorporated numerous moral lessons, of the rights and wrongs throughout the book teaching solid life lessons in the dark and gritty events of this novella

People have dual natures, and evil exists, sure everyone on this earth endures a small portion of evil throughout their life. Because evil is subjective, supposing you could say we’re all capable of evil things. Anyone can become very good or very evil, however in all matters said and performed, we are all just doing what we compulsively ought to during the moment. It is shown throughout chapters 10, pages 74 and 88, that Jekyll has experienced dual events. Expressed on chapter 10 page 74 he reveals that man is not truly one, but truly two.

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Jekyll has displayed that he through all people have both a good and a bad side. Stevenson uses the characters of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to express his beliefs concerning human duality by introducing them as two contrasting characters“I was no more myself when I laid aside restraint and plunged in shame, then when I laboured, in the eye of day, at the furtherance of knowledge or the relief of sorrow and suffering. ” In this quote, it is defined how good, and evil exist in equal parts in Dr Jekyll. (chapter 10 page 88). The relationship among Jekyll as good and Hyde as evil grows more complex, as evil hides behind good and obscures matters further.

Scientists bring more than just a toolbox of strategies to their work, and must also make complex decisions about which problems to pursue. They need to be aware of their work and how it can have a great impact on society, similar to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. They need to understand how dangerous any science potion can be, and be safe rather than dangerously testing or creating dangerous mixtures. Dr Jekyll Is a Hands-On, Reputable Scientist. “And now, you who have so long been bound to narrowest and material views”, “you who have denied the virtue of transcendental medicine, you who have derided your superiors — behold!”

In this quotation, Dr Jekyll transformed into Mr Hyde is speaking to Dr Lanyon and is uncovering the nature of his experiment to him. Furthermore, in the quote on chapter 10 page 76 showing Dr Jekyll's unnatural potion results in pure evil, rather than pure good. you will learn from Poole how I have had London ransacked; it was in vain, and I am now persuaded that my first supply was impure and that it was that unknown impurity which lent efficacy to the drought. Stevenson has included moral lessons towards learning to reign in curiosity, rather than allowing it to go too far; where it underestimated reveals in Jekyll showing immoral acts of Hyde.

Secrecy is the habit of hiding information from certain individuals or groups, which has been proven throughout this novella, secrets can cause problems and can get you into trouble. Secret keeping is a crucial characteristic that can cause terrible mistakes to occur, “he mostly comes and goes by the laboratory. ”In this quote, it describes how more reserved and quiet, he is being, prompting he doesn't want to be seen or suspected. (chapter 10 page 86 quotes) “I once again compounded and swallowed the transforming drought… My devil had been long caged, he came out roaring. ” Meaning repressing Mr Hyde merely makes him stronger and angrier when he is at last discharged. A life of secrecy can only lead to an undesirable consequence.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson is a narrative about the complexities of science and the duplicity of human nature. Dr Jekyll is a kind, well-respected, and intelligent scientist who interferes with the darker aspect of science, as he desires to bring out his 'second' nature. The novella explores themes of supernaturalism, the duality of self, and the importance and consequences of public opinion. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a riveting story of how one man reveals, through scientific experiments, the dual nature inside himself. In conclusion, this book I think shows two types of duality in human nature, duality in one-self and two separate beings. Stevenson, I believe clearly hides his message of duality in human nature well, as the reader must read between the lines to find the underlying message. There are many moral lessons offered in the text, illustrating the risks of secrecy and lies whilst revealing the importance of trust, truth and loyalty in intimate friendships.

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