The Depiction of Harmful Effects of Ebola Virus in The Hot Zone

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The author is informing the audience that the virus is continuously taking over his body little by little. He was to the point where he couldn’t drive, and his co-workers had to take him to the hospital. This shows the audience/readers how bad the virus has gotten which is not good, ebola is a very deadly virus that will shut down your whole body after spreading through it.

Upon reading this book, I knew somewhat about the Ebola virus. I knew it was contagious and started spreading throughout Africa. Soon after it stopped spreading, but it’s also probably still out there somewhere, just how Monet got it, in a cave. After reading this book, I realized just how deadly this virus is and can be to humanity. Around 90% of the people who get this virus die soon after. Adding on to my last quote and analysis, this shows just how deadly this virus is. Without your organs and tissues, your body’s health slowly descends until you are stone cold dead. The author wants us to know these things to show what was really happening to him. This nonfiction novel shows us the true tragedies that happened to Monet and exactly how it spread to him and throughout his whole body until his organs failed and died.

Jaxx, a very skilled veterinarian, did not want to do this procedure on these monkeys. She was not there to hurt any animals, she wanted to help them and save them, but she knows she must do this in order to possibly save humanity by creating a vaccines through the monkeys. This quote shows her having to talk herself into doing this, for a good cause, to fight the ebola virus.

The strain of blood they infected into the monkey cells was incredible, it made them die and burst. This means that there is some type of hot agent or virus in cardinals blood. The author informed the audience with this information to infer that the hot agent or virus that has spread around is in Cardinals bloodline, I know this because of the monkey cells dying and bursting when integrated with his blood. This quote shows Johnson wanting to go back into the cave for research and to get more information on the hot viruses. Due to the cave being deadly with the virus you don’t know where the virus could be or how it could spread, therefore you need to be prepared so you don’t breath in the toxic fumes.

Just because Ebola vanished, does not mean that it disappeared and isn’t somewhere on the earth. Since it is a virus, it is technically not living, but viruses are parasitic which mean they live in a hosts and depend on the host to provide for it to live. This is exactly what the author is trying to say in this quote, that the virus is still somewhere but it’s not longer infecting anyone or killing anyone. This quote here could mean many different things, but what it’s trying to say is that around the time that Monet came to Africa, AIDS and HIV were breaking out and spreading all throughout Africa. One meaning this quote could mean is that when he started getting symptoms and feeling abnormal he may have thought he could’ve had HIV or AIDS.

While looking for the virus inside the cave, to find a vaccine for, he was unsuccessful to find a vaccine for Ebola, while he has found vaccines for anthrax and rabies. This quote refers to Johnson being prepared for if the virus came to the surface he would collect it but it never did. This quote refers to the author using imagery to describe the Kitum cave, the cave that Monet went inside of and caught the Ebola virus in. This is important for the author to describe the cave like this, so the audience/readers get a better understanding of how the cave looked to get a better grasp on the book.

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