The Debate About Socialism And Capitalism Among Young People

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People should be able to keep what they earn, simple as that. Capitalism, although slightly drastic at times, supports that idea without question. However, an abundance of people strongly believe in socialism: the idea the everything is “fair and equal” and the government provides the same thing to everyone; no matter the circumstances. But are we truly equal if we get the “exact same things?”

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I get it, I’m a young person too. I know most of us have completely different views from our elders. However, by supporting a socialist economy, are you just trying to be “unique” and “out of the box”? Or do you actually, wholeheartedly support the idea of socialism? People who advocate socialism, (especially us youngin’s), don’t really know what they want and what they are supporting. Socialism is highly critical of private property and in a socialist economy, you are essentially denied ownership. If they knew what real, raw socialism was, they wouldn’t like their money, their phones, cars, their personal belongings, being taken away to get redistributed.

Socialism is not equal opportunity, it is equal results. A lazy, high school dropout simply does not deserve to make as much money as doctors or lawyers. 80%/20% is flat out unfair. Working hard just to receive the exact same as everybody else, is an unjust, unfair system. If we were to convert to socialism, work ethic would deteriorate; nobody would work hard and have that satisfaction. Capitalism allows equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

North Korea is a prime example of the inevitable failure of socialism. The internet makes a joke of their ruler, Kim Jong-Un, and his extreme leadership. But could you imagine living in a place like that? Could you imagine living somewhere in which you had no religious freedom, had to wear only certain things, say certain things, and feel a certain way? The answer is simple: no, you couldn’t. Americans would choose to run head first into something they know absolutely nothing about, just to be different and stand out, rather than taking the time to learn all the facts and the consequences that may eventually come along with their decisions.

In conclusion, if you are looking for fairness, capitalism is still your best bet. Capitalism constructs hard work and passion. Competition in society encourages the production of better goods. Capitalism is for those who are willing to work hard for their freedom and happiness, not selfish people. Things cannot be handed to you. That is how we become selfish—not by self-serving.

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