The Curiosity: The Most Unforgettable Memory

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‘What scared you in the past make you stronger in the future’ I've been rehashing this particular statement in my mind for a considerable length of time due to what befell me when I was nine years of age. It was a chilly, winter day when my parents and I decided to go on a quick trip to Kuwait for three days by car. It was a quick decision that we made without deduction at that time and it caused us many troubles that I, despite everything recall to this day.

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The first hours of the trip were smooth, we were having fun singing my favorite songs and eating snacks. Everything felt serene and pleasant until the heavy rain downpour disturbed our conversation, though my father kept driving to our destination and even though we tried to ignore the fact that the rain was getting heavier there was another sound that we soon figured out as the motor compartment and a loud BANG followed as the vehicle quit moving completely.

We spent hours trying to call the insurance's company and trying to get someone’s else attention to us but no one did. At the end, my parents decided to give up and wait until we receive the help we called for. But I was an inquisitive child who refused to give up and began to stroll around with my dad's electric lamp, they didn’t even notice I was gone because they were worn out and nodded off inside the vehicle. While I was searching for whatever that can help us, I saw a house in the distance and without any more thoughts. I ran towards the house to call for help.

Before I reached the house, the enormous entryways were pulled open and a tall, wild-turning man indicated upward. Followed by two dogs who were snarling menacingly at me and the owner wasn’t trying to stop them even though they started to run towards me with their eager eyes and mouth opened to display their sharp teeth. For a second, I thoughts I was going to die and I’ll be eaten by the dogs. But my mother’s voice calling for me made everything stop, the dogs stopped and the house disappeared. 

I still remember the man’s smirk before he vanished and I felt my mother’s arms pulling me to her embrace. ‘The help is here, were returning home.’ she said. It was the most unforgettable memory of my adolescence, even though my parents said it was just a fantasy. Everything felt real in that moment and I still remember the men’s face and his dogs.   

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