The Changes in the Educational System Throughout the Years

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A statement that will invariably remain as a universal truth is that Education is a process that is ever-changing; evolving. The Educational System to be exact, can and will never be stasis; with new innovative and idealistic thoughts concerning the framework for futuristic excellency brings cutting edge visions and execution. In regards to the Educational System there have been reforms, acts introduced to the system redolent of betterment. Before these recent reforms and acts were inducted into the Educational System, affairs were so much more different. The contrast of past Education to present Education spans a wide continuum.

Reminiscent of my time as a Primary School student the Educational System has indeed undergone substantial dissimilarities in regards to the pedagogy of education, the school environment, etc yet it cannot be said that the past has been completely done away with as some marked similarities have remained. Substantial research has also been made to back up these claims; the statements of certified teachers being the aforementioned.

In relation to the classroom environment the pedagogy of teaching has altered, in times past the methodology of teaching were teacher-centered methods of instruction now presently the methodology more focuses on student-centered learning. Strategies have been inducted into the schools where students are placed at the front. Ideally, it is where students are given substantial, time, effort, attention, etc. “The basic rationale being that schools ought to be designed to enhance student learning, not improve organizational efficiency”. During my time technology was not so much a factor in teaching instruction or methods, now technology plays a significant role in the classroom, It has been integrated into the curriculum, teachers utilize technology as a tool to teach employing visual simulation: video clippings and game-based learning strategies are utilized to engage the student; which aids in assisting students to grasp difficult concepts.

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To expound on the classroom environment in relation to the reinforcement system of the classroom and in regards to my time as a student: the very real presence of corporal punishment resounded. Teachers were given the right to discipline students using physical means. Now there is an amalgamation of positive and negative reinforcement, in some cases extinction and in other extreme cases, corporal punishment is still present in the school environment. Negative reinforcement is adhered to through stern talking to, and pestering of the student to incite humiliation and discomfort in the student also when teachers try to punish students by minimizing recess or lunchtime or even keeping students in. Extinction is utilized when teachers take away the lunch or recess time allotted to students. Positive reinforcements are utilized in the classroom today in the form of teachers presenting incentives for their students to encourage the behavior they want to see in their students. The two ways in which reinforcement is utilized today towards students are in the form of fixed intervals and variable intervals. Which opens the way toward the nature of students.

In reference to the research committed, it can be politically accurate to say that while positive reinforcement should be the goal, always. As it allows credence into behavior that is positive; behavior that supports the student’s positive deeds through encouragement. And ideally, with enough positive stimuli, positive deeds eventually become positive attributes. Yet realistically Positive reinforcement is not always the, go to in the classroom. As mentioned before, Technology was not a major factor in the classroom when I was a student additionally it was not a significant factor of the home; well to be exact my home. My childhood activities included engagement of books, outdoor activities, and television these, undoubtedly went a long way of influencing the person I am today and even it could be said that they extensively influenced my classroom presence. “By beholding we become changed”. Children today are known as modern children for a reason.

They are the children of technology belonging to the new age. Thus they are greatly influenced by what they spend their time doing. They are exposed to the internet, every facet of it, the positive and the negative. They emulate what they see on these platforms, generally conforming to the behaviors and attitudes incognizantly. And unfortunately what they see and learn through this chaotic neutral teacher; technology, they bring into the classroom environment. The negative behavior mainly invites negative reinforcement and extinction and especially without the use of corporal punishment for the primary schools that actually adhere to this law. Children are more insolent, lackadaisical, disrespectful, flouting rules because of this lack. However, this should not be allowed to be the general consensus as even in the past, when I was a Primary school student there were still students that went beyond the pale so maybe the problem is not the lack of Corporal Punishment but a lack of instilled values.

Other notable dissimilarities in the school from past to present can be seen in the resources. When I was a student, Basic necessities like toilet paper were not always factored in, students had to go to the faculty to ask for this basic necessity yet it is not so today. Toilet paper is a need that is freely offered today. Also despite the presence of breakfast and lunch in the schools when I was a Primary school pupil there was also offered other refreshments such as milk and biscuits this was so until standard three. In addition, there were programs in place for international correspondence between students in the presence of the pen pal system and the packages received; once I remember distinctly that Canadian nationalities had come to my Primary school and had given each pupil a package and a pen pal.

To summarize, there have been various changes made throughout the years in regards to the Education system. The majority can be even termed for betterment. Yet there is still further to go as the process of education is a two-sided coin for some the pursuits of Education leads to an end goal and then for others it is a lifestyle thus no matter how it is termed education is either a major part of life or it is life itself so can it be concluded that something with this much power should never be neglected. It should be given to the highest regard.

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