The Affects Narcissistic Personality Disorder Can Have on Family Relationships

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Millenia’s ago a Greek writer named Ovid wrote a lore about a man who could only think about himself. This man’s name was Narcissus. Narcissus ended up falling in love with his own image in the lake. Now stepping forward two thousand years or so and it seems that Narcissus was a real person/personality. It also appears that his “offspring” have lasted through the millennia, but it also appears that they have multiplied! Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a deep-rooted and long-lasting grouping of abnormal behaviors.

These behaviors are often made up of conduct that is made up of overexaggerated and egocentric feelings of self-worth, the lack of feeling or lack of emotional conscientiousness, and the need for inordinate admiration. Most narcissists spend their time on building success and power to boost their “lofty” ideas of themselves. They spend most of the time building their reputation and are very concerned with their appearance. The people that are around the narcissist are manipulated in different ways to help the narcissist achieve this “reputation.”

In most cases Narcissism starts from early childhood. Studies seem to indicate a high genetic transference but there are also are certain social conditions as well. Officially, Robert Waelder is given credit for discovering “NPD” in 1968.

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Narcissistic personality Disorder comes with many pernicious traits and is known to have caused an immense amount of problems. In most cases these causes affect the people that suffer from the Narcissist more than the narcissist themselves. The problems that are caused by narcissistic personality disorder are often deep and long lasting both to the one that has this disorder and those that are more than acquaintances in his/her life. Most relations including family, work, and friendships (if a narcissistic relationship could even be identified as friendly) often go through very hurtful situations due to the manipulating of the narcissist. The narcissist believes that they are “entitled to superior treatment and often become angry when they are not given special treatment or not thought of as of very great importance.

For some narcissists this may be a cover for something in their childhood that made the feel “unworthy” or abandoned. Narcissists have been known to get bored with their new friendships and discard the or only to keep them around as an emotional “punching bag”. This abusive behavior puffs up the narcissist’s already over inflated ego. New friends/projects/toys are usually flattered in the beginning and “made” to feel important. During this time the narcissist with have his family or close circle of friends make the narcissist appear larger than life. A narcissist usually only has a small number of long-term relationships in which most of those are kept through coercion and manipulation. In many cases this manipulation includes belittling to take self-worth away and orchestrated “in fighting” of those relationships to win the approval of the narcissist.

Like so many other “disorders” the cause of narcissistic personality has not been completely diagnosed. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM. The condition needs to be separated from mania and any disorder in conection from substance abuse.

Treating this disorder has its own set of problems. The first and most important problem being is that the narcissist values his opinion above all others and will not believe that he/she has a “problem.” While some other mental issues can be intervened by those around them that they trust; it appears that the narcissist thinks of themselves as more important and better than the group and will not be convinced. Some have even classified this disorder as incurable. About one percent of people are believed to be affected at some point in their life. Young people and, in particular, men seem to suffer from this disorder the most.

The immense pain and suffering that people suffer from the mouth and/or hand of the narcissist is grievous indeed if not down right insidious. Public “awareness of this disorder and it’s ways should be “main-stream” information. This seems to be the best way to help people from getting into relationships with a narcissist. Unfortunately, those that grow up in the household of a narcissist can not be “saved” ahead of time. In many times Family members are often deluded to believe they are only happy with the narcissist. Especially if they are thrown “a bone” of acceptance here and there.

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