Text-speak Is Harming Students

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Did you know, the first text message was sent from a computer in December 1933. It said “Merry Christmas”. Text-speak wasn’t used in this text but it is used in many. Text speak is when someone uses shortened words like gr8 instead of great or LOL instead of laughing out loud. This may even be harming students’ writing skills. Text-speak is harming students’ writing skills by harming their language skills, harming their grammar skills, and text-speak is seeping into their writing.

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First, text-speak is harming students’ language skills. “Text-Speak Is Harming Teens’ Writing Skills,” says that researcher John Lee says that teens who text more did not know many of the words in front of them and rejected them as being words. This shows that they are not learning as many words while texting. “Text-Speak Is Harming Teens’ Writing Skills” also states “The opposite was true for those who read more print media, such as books and newspapers.” This shows that someone who reads more will see more words and know what they mean. You may think this is the only thing text-speak harms, but it is not.

Also, text-speak is harming students’ grammar skills. “Text-Speak Is Harming Teens’ Writing Skills,” says that when a grammar test is given to middle schoolers, teens who used language shortcuts performed poorly. This shows that texting is harming grammar skills. “Text-Speak Is Harming Teens’ Writing Skills” also states “‘[It] may rob this age group of a fundamental understanding of English grammar.” This shows that students who use text-speak are getting worse with grammar.

Finally, text-speak is seeping into students’ formal writing. Some may say that students can “code-switch” or switch between formal writing and text-speak. “Text-Speak Can Help Students,” says “They might say, ‘Hey, what’s up?” in the lunchroom or “How r u” in text speak. But they will code-switch and say, “How are you Ms. King?” to the school principal and write with a formal language in their school papers.” This doesn’t show much, because when you are talking you cannot hear text speak. “Text-Speak Is Harming Teens’ Writing Skills,” says that two-thirds of teens add text-speak into their writing. This shows that text-speak is getting into formal writing.

In conclusion, text speak is harming language skills, harming grammar skills, and it is seeping into formal writing. Overall it is just harming writing skills. It makes real words sound made up, people who use text-speak perform poorly on grammar tests, and two-thirds of teens use text-speak in formal writing. Next time you are texting with text speak, try using great instead of gr8 or laugh out loud instead of LOL. 

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