Symbolism And Exposition In David Guterson's Novel Snow Falling On Cedars

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In the northwestern United States, there is a small island called 'San Piedro', where the Hatsue of the Japanese girl was born. She is graceful, gentle, and hardworking. She and the white boy, Ishmael, grew up together and lived together for a long time. With the sudden outbreak of the Pearl Island incident, the conflict between the races on the island intensified, and the love between the Hatsue and Ishmael also came to an end, and then she married the Japanese boy, Miyamoto.

A few years later, Miyamoto was accused of murder due to a misunderstanding, and Ishmael, as the only journalist on the island, accidentally discovered a key piece of evidence that would make the crime clear. If he does not hand over the evidence, Miyamoto will be convicted of murder, and he may have the opportunity to recover the first love that he has loved for many years. But in the end, the conscience and sense of justice defeated the individual's lust, and he handed over the evidence that Miyamoto was acquitted.

The most praiseworthy in this book is the description of the environment with its rhetoric and profound artistic conception. The beautiful writing makes the whole novel full of prose poetic beauty. At the same time, the detailed and meticulous depiction of the surrounding environment makes the whole story filled with images, making the reader feel as if he is immersed in the scene, and is surrounded by the characters in the book on the exotic island. In addition, the environmental description in the book is highly compatible with the storyline and the scene blends, which promotes the development of the story. For example, the author used a lot of words in this book to describe an important symbol - snow. It runs through the full text and is solemnly appearing in the title of the book.

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During the trial, the island suffered a blizzard that had not been seen for many years. It crushed the trees and blocked the road, causing the entire island to be interrupted. The existence of heavy snow brought great obstacles to the trial of the case. It distracted the attention of the people from the case, and also caused the jurors from other places to lose the patience to go deep into the investigation. At the same time, the white snow also metaphorizes people's deep misunderstandings and deep-rooted prejudices. According to the stereotyped fixed impression, the white islanders determined that the Japanese were treacherous and ruthless and that the Japanese islanders were small and despicable, such as dust.

Another important symbol in the book is the cedar tree. The Hatsue and Ishmael have been playing together in the cedar forest since childhood, and they have established their secret base in the big tree hole of a cedar tree. They are intimately contacted in this tree hole, and they have produced deeper feelings. Cedars is a symbol of their love, and it is evidence that the sweet moments shared by the two have existed. At the same time, these tenaciously growing cedar trees also represent the self-improving islanders, representing the fairness and justice that lies deep in the heart. During the winter season, the cedar tree will be buried in the snow for a long time, but when the spring is warm and snowy, it will rise back to the chest and thrive against the sun and the wind. Snow can't overwhelm the world, misunderstandings and prejudices can't subvert the innocence and goodness of human nature.

What’s more, the strawberry garden is also the symbol in the book. They are diligent, self-disciplined, and work hard to build on the ground. From Japanese sailors who have left a penniless jetty to building a family, renting a strawberry field, and planning to buy their own strawberry garden, they are struggling every step of the way, but they are very determined. This kind of self-made, hard-working experience has been experienced by many Chinese or other ethnic immigrants. Through honest labor and legal management to realize the dream of the heart and open up a colorful life, this is the 'American dream' that many immigrants have in their hearts. It may be difficult to realize a dream by one's efforts, but if several generations work together, it may be possible to realize their dreams.

Therefore, the two Japanese families in this article are very focused on the cultivation of the next generation and hope to gain a foothold in a foreign country through the efforts of two generations. At the age of 13 years old, her mother sent her to Mrs. Shigemura to learn dance and tea ceremony. No matter how hard life is, she always remembers the teachings of Mrs. Shigemura, who is elegant and calm and calm. When Miyamoto was 8 years old, his father handed a wooden sword to him and taught him to learn the kendo. He taught him the unyielding Bushido spirit and cultivated his healthy body and resolute heart. Under the influence of this hardworking and pragmatic family atmosphere, both the Hatsueand the heavenly path has become pragmatic and reliable youth. They are diligent and brave, believe in a harvest, earn wealth through honest labor, and prepare for their dreams; they are persevering, and they can still hold their proud heads when they are treated unfairly, convinced that fairness and justice will come.

When Miyamoto’s crimes were about to fall, Ishmael finally helped Miyamoto to “rebirth” with a kindness and forgiveness, so that fairness and justice shine like the sun. Along with the blizzard, the murder case of Miyamoto's Heavenly Road became more and more clear. A heavy snow covered the surrounding world, leaving a world of pure whiteness, letting people hear the pure world inside, and also implying that Miyamoto's heavenly path finally came to justice. The verdict was finally reunited with his wife and children. The whole book, with the snow falling cedar tree, tells the story of the gains and losses of love, the prejudice of the nation, the vastness of destiny and the salvation of human nature.

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