Self-defense: Can Violence Ever Justified

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There are not a lot of forms of physical violence relating to self-defense. However, a self-defense act is mostly a reaction to a violent act against themselves. Furthermore common law states two charges are pressed against the attacker when reasonable force is used (Dictionary of Law). We as people, should learn what caused this act of defense and prevent further acts of violent acts. Additionally, everywhere else in the world is either deprived of weapons or in anarchy. For example, tightening gun control has eroded the right of self-defense and failed to stop serious crimes; Britain at a time used firearms for self-defense. Reasonability, it’s not guns, knives, or any other weapon that can cause harm that is the problem, it is the people who are using the weapon. Moreover, we must understand how a court and the USA deals with self-defense. Laws allowing self-defense killing at Crux Firestorm set the interpretation and construction of a self-defense act (USA today 2012). Fun fact, in order for it to be considered true self defence killing in the USA, the fatal wound has to be below the waist and the attacker has to be alive for more than thirty seconds after the fatal wound. In conclusion, self-defense is the purest form of a “flight or fight '' response.

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Is self-defense justified? Reasonably yes, but must be interpreted by the courts. Be as it may, if you are able to say “I did it by self defense” there would be a lot of murders and civil unrest. Imminence and necessity self-defense has long been taken as justified(American Criminal Law review). Usually we have experts called detectives and they construct the scene and almost 90% of the time, a detective can tell if it was a self-defense act. Which concludes, when self-defense should be a last resort, but how does it apply to different states? Introduces the idea of self-defense from another state. Includes immunity, violence, civil disobedience, and human right violations (Civil law). It’s interesting, this thought probably came from the ending of the Civil War, when the USA was at war with neighboring states. Additionally, the “stand your ground” laws explain what to do, when it comes down to “you or them”. The U.S. claims that the “stand your ground” policies are racist, but they’re not, they explain what to do when someone unknown is on your private property (American Journal of Law). Another example, of how much the media controls every single individual in the USA and how people are so easily swayed by half truths rather than full truths. Supports the idea of self-defense being the purest form of a “flight or fight” response.

Should you take a violent matter into your own hands? Likewise yes, within reason, try to do everything you can to help authorities before you result in “taking it into your own hands”. This statement shows that if you put a bounty on someone's head, you will get the help of the surrounding area to find the assailant. (New world encyclopedia). The court issues this bounty, and sends “headhunters” A.K.A. bounty hunters. Furthermore, there has been many people throughout history who used the community to help them achieve a goal. A newspaper article about “bleeding Kansas”, John used armed inssurection to overthrow slavery in the Kansas region. Their will always be people who will protect, defend, fight, and kill for something they believe in and know that it is right, but only a true leader can do it for the right reasons and that takes courage, strength, and hope for a better future. Again, bounty hunters will use all of their tools at their disposal and explain the difference between a bondsman and bounty hunter. Discussing the difference between bounty hunters and bondsmen. A Bondsman post bail, while a bounty hunter finds the person or people who fled their court date (Wilson Quarterly). Bounty Hunters are probably the most trained enforcement officer, they are mainly trained in tracking, psychology, armed combat, CQC (close quarters combat), and many other fields of training. At the end of the day, law enforcement will stop at nothing to make sure the assailant is brought to justice.

Why conceal a weapon? Should it be a knife instead of a gun? Likewise, Mr. Crow asked this question and Mr. Crow argues that “conceal carry” is beneficial because if you have the ability to save a hundred lives and take one life which is the assailant, it becomes a justified form of violence (Intermedia outdoors). The average time for police enforcement to show up to a scene is thirty minutes maximum and fifteen minutes at the minimum, now imagine what one armed shooter in a public area can do within that time. The question he asked is “the paradox of justice” some people will choose to save the one rather than the hundred, but the question is really asking are you gonna let a person take a hundred futures including yours or you take one future, the decision is up to us as a people. Again, philosophers are mistaken and does not show why last resort survival is immoral (Article of Bioethics). People have the right to interpret anything and everything in this tiny little world we all live in, that is a universal truth that we all have excepted without thinking of each and every consequence that comes with it. This article supports and counters self-defense because it all comes down to each and everyone’s moral code, self defense or last resort survival is not good or bad. Then, we have a “violent defense” which usually results in a melee weapon and with malice. Brittney faces life in prison for killing the man who violently raped her. When Todd(rapist) tried killing Brittney’s little brother, who was incapable of defending himself against Todd and Brittney grabbed a knife and made the killing blows (Law and defense). She did a crime for the right reasons, but unfortunately at that time the judical system didn’t have an interpretation for this type of crime, so they treated this type of crime as a murder case. Is self-defense justified? Well, it depends on how the act is used. More proof that self-defense is the purest form of a “flight or fight” response.

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