Royal Air Force and The National Museum

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The museum was first established in Hendon London in the year 1972. Basically, the museum is based at two places that is Cosford and London. Been announced as the national museum, a governmental non-departmental public body (NDPD) and is one the registered charity. There are more than 1.3 million objects as their collections these are the proof of armed force which the tells us the tale about the history of ancestors.

One thing which was very much interesting is that during last tot last year there was transformation the Museum which made them possible to bring more of the collections to the museum which was around five hundred an addition to the existing collection. And the latest added collection was never displayed due to the space insufficiency. During this transformation the BAE was the supporter who supported the in funding while the transformation was in still in drawing. Their vision of the museum is very simple, the people who have helped us in molding our future we should give them place in our lives.

In this report the purpose of the museum is very much important. Keeping in mind the purpose of the museum a possible strategy can be designed. In order to reach out to the people and make educate about the RAF contributions and make them eager to know more about the Museum can kept is engaging till date.

It has many activities while on visiting can be done especially for the children like there is playground sought of where the activities can take place, and the space is they’re where the any other events like corporate ones can even take place. They have made the museum so engaging that whoever visits the museum will have the eagerness to know more about the people’s contribution.

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Royal Air Force has very strong partnership with American foundation in which both the countries have relationship of sharing their heritage with each other and not only that but both the countries have contributed some other things in the battles. In way to know more about their ancestors and made them preserve for the future and present generation.

Coming on to the point Indian Air Force Museum in Delhi also has their contribution towards the battle. Their was time were the England and India were into war, but today the situation is totally different. So keeping in mind the both of the museums there can be partnership with Indian Air force Museum in India.

Partnership in the sense that RAF can agree to the contract of sending the collections to the Indian Air Force museum so that people residing in India can also come to know about how actually get touched to the history of world wars with the different perspective. The models of the RAF can be contributed to the Indian Museum. And the main thing to be kept in mind is that Delhi is place where the most of the people visit first as their tourist place and RAF with the IAF will become new attraction for the people residing in the country and also for the visitors.

As suggested above the partnership with IAF could be recommended for the period 2020-2025. It would be the agreement for this time period only. The main idea behind the partnership is that both of them would be able to share their aviation heritage which will make the memories of the both countries. Both of them were the part of the wars in that way they could have the shared aviation heritage for coming generations. As the museum be able to share the sacrifices, citizenship and culture exchange values, in order to preserve the freedom and peace between the countries.

This will also give chance for the IAF to make strong importance of the country’s relationship in the field of the aviation. And to make note that there were not less sacrifices which made by the countrymen of both the countries. It will also give the understanding and build relationship with shared aviation culture, and more about the science and technology for the coming years especially for our youth.

To sum up, Royal Air Force Museum can have partnership with Indian Air force based in Delhi by sharing the collections of RAF in the Indian museum in order to know the importance of the RAF in India mainly to exchange aviation culture with Indian people. But there are many plus and minus points in the having the partnership. Let us have glance at them to.

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