Review of A Raisin in the Sun: A Family Hardships Drama

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A “Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry a drama/family play created in 1959 in Chicago. Main characters are Betty, Ruth, Lena, and Walter. They we’re focused on trying to live a better for each other. They all wanted money to do something productive with their lives. Lena was planning on buying a cheap house in the Clayborn neighborhood. Walter wants money to invest in a liquor store. Betty needed money to pay for school. They went through hardships trying to figure out each other and keep the family together. Lena wanted Walter to be the man of the house, but everyone didn’t believe in him because of his previous situations when he gets money.

The story starts off as Trevor asked for money, but his mom told him no and dad told him no and dad told him yes and gave it to him. “Family Difficulties” which means they didn’t have much money. Ruth love walter, but not that much. Lena wanted Walter to be the man of the house, but he wasn’t quite ready for responsibilities. So the insurance check for $10, 000 came from her husband’s passing. They all were bickering about it. Lena gave majority of it to Walter hoping he would manage it and be the man of the house. The plan was to buy a house in the white neighborhood, but they had outsiders in their ear.

They youngers had difficulty trying to move, because of the outsiders in their ear. Mr. Linder from Clayborn Park commission “a white man”, tried to bride so they wouldn’t evacuate to the white neighborhood. They really didn’t listening to him and decided to continue with their move. He honestly was just being racist towards the Youngers. He told them, “it wouldn’t be safe if you guys leave”. Walter’s mom knew God have everything in his hands and under control.

My opinion on the story was Walter should have stopped drinking and stop being selfish. He only thought about money and his liquor store dreams. There a saying “Money doesn’t rule the world, and also doesn’t make you happy. ” For walter it does make him happy. Betty should have just taken the time out to listening sometimes. I hate that she was trying to have an abortion. That’s the worst thing you can do as a mother. Walter should start listening and ask questions, because he got finessed(getting cheated out of something), and tricked.

There are many reasons you should watch “A Raisin in the Sun. The Younger’s went through hardships but managed to keep pushing through it all. They all had dreams and wanted to accomplish them. With Walter losing the money almost wrecked them but Lena knew god had her ! They decided to move and lived life they wanted to live.

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