Recollections Of My Experience During My Computer Science Studies

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Passing my teenage years in the IT era at the Silicon Valley oflndia motivated me to the field of Computer Science; particularly I developed strong inclination during my pre-University College (PUC) where I was exposed to the fundamentals of computer science, algorithms, and to develop programs on C platform.

This motivation led to pursue a bachelors followed by a master's degree in Computer Science. My ultimate career goal has then become to be a technology leader in developing the next-generation Computer Science technologies. To achieve this goal, I believe that a Master of Science in Computer Science from Rivier University shall reinforce me with strong theoretical and practical skills and pave the way for a bright career as a Computer/ Software Engineer.

During my bachelor's degree (undergraduate) program in Information Science and Engineering, I was one of the top performers scoring 'first-class with distinction'. At the beginning of my bachelor's program, I was trained on core Computer Science courses such as Algorithms, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Computer Networking, etc. Additionally, I programmed on various platforms such as C, C++, Java. Of many courses, I was fascinated largely by Computer Networks, Security and Web Programming. Seminars and lab courses were critical to test our ability to implement fundamentals, improve subject maturity and showcased problems of higher magnitude.

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As part of my final year thesis, we had to work within a team on projects that are unique, but most importantly original. Our team developed a website which provided diversified services to the university students to access course notes and blogs, interface with Linkedin, and discuss concepts through instant chat. This webpage was developed using PHP, XML and JavaScript. The final year thesis helped us to implement technologies, and to improve interpersonal, project planning, and team coordination/ collaboration skills. The project work received appreciations from the faculty, the college principal and the university vice-chancellor.

Continuing my education towards a master degree program in Computer Science and Engineering, I gained expertise in many core subjects such as Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Information Security at higher magnitudes, as well as exposed to advanced courses such as Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Similar to my bachelor program, I scored an overall first class with distinction...d~Q;l.t~~~~~~~ical seminars presented by expert industry

Rivler University Admissions professionals and university faculty helped me to hone and simulate my career path. Continuing to satisfy my degree requirements, I presented topics on the graduate courses and worked on thesis 'A Secure and Efficient Intrusion Detection System for MANETs by EAACK authenticated using Digital Signature'. The thesis was developed on C++ platform and simulated using Network Simulator 2 (NS2). The results were published as a special issue in the 'International Journal of Research in Science & Engineering (IJRISE)'.

To gain industrial experience, I applied for an Intern position at a renowned networking company AVAYA during my 3rd semester of the master's program. The company supported my growing interest through advanced networking laboratories and testing facilities. During my internship, I learned about basic telecommunication technologies and networking protocols such as SIP, VOlP, etc., trained to troubleshoot various AVA Y A product functionalities, and to replicate real-time scenarios on lab server.

My dedication to learning new topics quickly and to implement them effectively was appreciated by the senior management and as a result I was offered to work fulltime as 'Senior Technical Engineer'. During this period, I troubleshooted issues on Avaya Aura Contact Center (e.g., Multimedia server, Manager Administration, Communication Control Toolkit, etc.,), performed research to resolve issues through logs analysis, used Sniffer traces to detect data loss of packets over VOIP, provided Kernel and Security patches, updated/ created knowledge base of new network issues using Siebel software, and collaborated with cross product support engineers and developers.

Overall, my Computer Science experience has been consistently upgrading and I believe that this experience can be amplified and acquainted with the latest technologies through the Master of Science program. With the theoretical blend practical courses led experts working in global corporations, the freeness to design own course concentrations, and with the state of art computing research laboratories at Rivier, I believe I can certainly rise more higher, propel towards a promising career, and become a proud alumnus of the Rivier University.

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