Quinton Seitz Character Analysis From "The Lost Continent" By Tui T. Sutherland

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Quinton Seitz Character Analysis “The Lost Continent” by Tui T. Sutherland centers on a dragon named Blue, who lives on a continent named Pantala. Blue lives in a tribe named the SilkWings, throughout this story he is faced with many challenges, one of the most important ones being that he is treated in a way that is considered “lower class”. Blue has embarked on a journey to save his sister from the potential harm the Queen for her. This character is presented throughout most of the story as an anxious individual, he is unable to cope with menacing situations even when there are others around. As well this character portrays a sense of loyalty and honesty towards his Queen and his acquaintances through various manners.

Blue is portrayed as an anxious character, this is primarily due to his curiosity about the world. Across the first half of the book, this character is seen worrying about his sister and how she is going through a phase that is not regular. This is shown through the phrase, “If everything has to change [with her], could it at least be ordinary or a predictable change?” What Blue is feeling here is a sense of anxiety, he does not want his sister to go through an unconventional change. Blue’s character does not like to take risks, especially when it breaks one of the rules in the Hive. He does not step forward to take action on any situations, instead, it is one of his aliases that forces him to do so. While this character may not seem like the type to go beyond what is expected of him, in some parts of the book he is seen jeopardizing his own future. This happens because Blue is left without anyone and has to cope with the problems he must face.

Loyalty is one of the many characteristics this character can be described with. For Blue this is one of his traits that he is very assertive about, others may view him as “too loyal” this meaning that he follows whatever his superiors tell him to with no questioning. Although this may be a strength for Blue so that he does not get sent to Misbehavers Way, it also can be a weakness. During the most climactic part of the story Blue is introduced to many problems. However most of them are based around breaking Hive rules. Due to his loyalty towards the Queen Blue is unable to comprehend many tasks that have been set upon him, especially ones that contradict with the rules. This makes it hard for him to make a righteous decision. Many of Blue’s acquaintances advise him to stop following the rules at the Hive, this is only due to the fact that his sister is more important than what the Queen has to enforce upon them.

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