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The Open-Ended in Pygmalion Play by George Bernard Shaw

The play talks about Professor Henry Higgins, a phonetics professor, He is betting on his ability to train Eliza Doolittle poor girl to speak the perfect English, she speaks in a tactless manner that can be described by vulgarity. Higgins mother began to fear her...

The World’s Wife Borrowed From Other Texts

It is often that literature, whether being a poem or a book, often provides a voice for those who lack one. The work by Carol Ann Duffy is an accumulation of poems titled 'The World's Wife', first published in 1999 and the present works through...

Pygmalion Effect - Usage in Business and Software

The primitive responsibility of management is to establish expectations for employee performance and behavior. This article explains the Pygmalion effect and outlines how it is practiced to affect employee behavior. So what is Pygmalion Effect? The notion that the majority of people will adapt their...

Pygmalion Is One of the Most Famous Plays by Bernard Shaw

An anti-hero is a central character of a movie, show, or book that lacks heroic qualities making it a fine line between hero and villain just like Higgins. Higgins would be considered an anti-hero because he decided to help Eliza Doolittle who was underprivileged and...

George Bernard Shaw’s, Chronicle - Pygmalion

Pygmalion, is one of the festinated romantic dramatic comedies in English. Shaw’s play demonstrates and explores aspects of language in a variety of ways of social classes speaking and inequality of social status and how silliness of class. A silly Cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle,...

Pygmalion - A Man’s Sworn Love For Women

Traditionally, Cinderella’s story is the tale of a young girl who is mistreated by her step-mother and eventually makes her way into a royal family. In a unique twist on the classic fairytale, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is about more than transforming a flower...

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