Punjabi Culture in Ludhiana: Main Topics

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Ludhiana has a kaleidoscopic culture where people of different cultures settle down and enjoy the benefits of the Punjabi Culture that comes with living there. People within the Punjabi culture are very outgoing people and are very fond of Punjabi music and dances. Ludhiana houses a majority of Sikhism followers followed by Hinduism. The main languages spoken in this city are Punjabi, Hindi and English. Reference -https://www.ftd.travel/ludhiana-culture#:~:text=Ludhiana%20is%20mainly%20a%20city,is%20Punjabi%2C%20Hindi%20and%20English.

Ludhiana is the forth major hub for performing arts, fine arts, photography and paintings in Punjab, this shows us the artistic background of the punjabi culture. The woman in this city then carry on this artistry by plastering their walls with mud and painting beautiful carvings on the walls shortly after to beautify their houses.

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The main income for Punjabis is by agricultural means which is not limited to just farming. Some individuals in this city also earn a living by weaving cotton bed sheets, floor spreads, stunning wall hangings and beautiful showpieces made with needles. This further extends by Ludhiana also being one of the biggest suppliers of children toys or more specifically stuffed toys. http://www.indiahotels.com/ludhiana/ludhiana-culture.html

Family is considered to be the highest priority in this culture. This can be seen by majority of Punjabis living in joint families. Punjabis believe that to maintain a good relationship with family members, gifting and participating in every family activity is a must. They have small ceremonies from when a baby is born to its first haircut and weddings. https://theculturetrip.com/asia/india/articles/how-to-experience-punjabi-culture-in-india/#:~:text=Customs%20and%20traditions&text=Blood%20relations%20are%20very%20important,well%20as%20everyday%20social%20occasions.

Punjabi culture in Ludhiana can also be seen in fairs and festivals. These festivals show us a glimpse of the cultural heritage passed on by the elders. Fairs and Festivals bring out a lot of enjoyment and happiness to the people of the culture as Punjabis have a very outgoing personality. These festivals help create unity among different people of different cultures and religions which is celebrated by the people. The most important events or festivals in punjabi culture in Ludhiana are Lohri, Basant Panchami, Holi and Baisakhi. http://ludhianaonline.com/pages/festivals/

Ludhianavis have a strong passion for food, they enjoy every bit of it and like to make simple yet exclusive cuisines. Some say that the food they eat is just like the people of Punjab, simple, heartful and sizeable content. The most famous Ludhiana cuisine is Ludhiana Tandoori, they take a pot full of marinated meat, chicken, fish and let it heat with coal fire halfway buried in. Punjabis prefer to have buttermilk or curd with every meal. The most famous breakfast of the city/state is Potato Parathas with either buttermilk or just simple milk. http://ludhianaonline.com/pages/cuisine/

Punjabis culture is one of the oldest and richest cultures, this can be seen by the rainbow personality of the people and high-spirited people in the culture. In this modern era, woman in this culture usually wear Salwar Kameez or Patiala Salwar meanwhile the men usually wear Kurta and Pajamas for extreme comfort, the pajamas are gender neutral in the culture and both men and women have baggy pants tied with a string. Men also wear a Turban that protects their hair while also preserving the culture of Punjabis. https://www.holidify.com/pages/punjabi-dresses-208.html

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