Positive Intensions That People Have To Do But They Fail To Act On Them

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Intention is reflected in a man’s willingness and how much effort that individual is intending to exert to perform the behavior. The stronger a one’s intention to execute behavior, the more likely one will be to participate in that behavior. For instance, when someone has strong intent to go for swimming at night, definitely that person will likely to do. Sometimes, a person’s intention may be weaken. The longer the time between intention and behavior, the greater the likelihood that unforeseen events will produce changes in people’s intention. For instance, a young adult may intend to be a regular lifetime swimmer. However, this person may become bored with swimming and start to playing basketball after swimming for few years. That person did not anticipate fatigue and boredom will influence the intention to swim. There are some researchers do not put sufficient effort in the formative research and it led to many problems had been arise. They rather prefer to follow their sense and rely on intuition without paying much attention to the problems that had been outlined.

There is a good case which was intended to increase college students’ attendance at university sport facilities reported by Sniehotta (2009). Obviously, the formative research led executed to evoke available convictions in a pilot study. It could have become obvious that the issue in this population was not basically a need of inspiration: even with no intervention, subjective norms, attitudes and goals regarding taking an interest in the university’s games and sport. Even though the fact that an intercession to additionally reinforce inspiration could have been of some esteem, the real accentuation ought to have been set on ensuring that the participants could perform their intentions. Although perceived behavioral control is positive but it had the lowest value. Even disregarding this problem, the intervention study brings a lots of deficiency. There is no evidence was provided for the reliability and discriminant validity of the measures in the present context even though the researcher used a previously validated questionnaire to measure the TPB constructs. Moreover, no attempt was made to ensure that the interventions actually changed the beliefs at which they were directed.

In reality, these beliefs were never assessed. The interventions seem to possess devised intuitively with no pilot testing. When someone is subjected to the info within the intervention unlikely to deliver much change in belief or attitude. A much better intervention intended to improve the attitudes might have emphasis positive results of joining in the university’s programme and/or negative results of not joining which were not part of elements that already existing beliefs supporting the behaviour.

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