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Analyzing A Political Cartoon by Dr. Seuss

In this cartoon, we see a woman reading aloud about a wolf (named Adolf) eating up children. The wolf is Adolf Hitler. But the woman reading the story (with the words 'America First' written across her chest) says that 'those were Foreign Children and it...

Analysis of the Two Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Lisa Benson’s a political cartoon artist is popular in the USA because her drawings are accurate, funny, and ironic. She often draws new pictures which reflect a certain political event, an inappropriate statement from politicians, or even a social media post, and her style is...

Women's Suffrage Movement and Political Cartoons

In most cases, a cartoon speaks louder than a text, so that is why political cartoons are very important. Cartoons are highly valuable sources of history because it puts light on events that has taken place in the past, therefore cartoons are very helpful to...

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