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Slavery and Cotton Farm History on the Territory of Arkansas

Agriculture, slavery, and cotton have been associated with the Arkansas territory to date. The practice of farming has evolved over the years, its basis being cotton production (Encyclopaedia of Arkansas 1). The emergence of cotton plantations, then further ignited slavery in the region. Initially, the...

Picking Cotton by Ronald Cotton: Prosecuting the Cotton Trials

The second part of “Picking Cotton” starts off with Ronald Cotton heading down to the police station to figure out why he has a warrant out for his arrest. Cotton arrives at the police station and is immediately sent into an interrogation room where he...

The Wrongful Convictions of Cotton Trials in Picking Cotton

Although many people put their trust in the justice system, wrongful convictions do occur. Contributing factors can range anywhere from mistakes to factors of race and class. A small percentage of criminal cases involve biological evidence that can be used for DNA testing, but such...

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