Penguins: The Assumption That What It Would Be if They Knew How to Fly

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A long time ago penguins were able to fly, but they evolved into flightless birds. About 70 million years ago penguins could fly, it took them almost 3 million years to change. When they transformed into penguin, their ability to fly vanished. Penguins matured on an island, in the south part of New Zealand became a modern penguin. Since then penguins were never able to fly.

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A bird's body can only be designed for swimming, flying or running. It took a lot of energy for penguins to fly and swim, so they stopped flying. There are no land predators in Antarctica, therefore penguins had nothing to fly away from. They swam more and their bodies needed to be able to deal with swimming away from the ocean predators. Penguins swam more and eventually they weren’t able to fly. Their bodies changed because they used to have lightweight bones to fly, but they have heavy bones. They used to have long wings shaped like a birds wing. This is how a penguin looked when it was able to fly. Their weight used to be lighter to fly. They had tail feathers used for landing and slowing down in the air. Penguins bodies changed to adapt to their surroundings.

Some features that a penguin has makes it not able to fly. There bones designed for speeding through the water aren’t light enough to fly. Their short wings are not long enough to take lift, they are only used for flying through the water. Penguins densely packed feathers are really heavy to fly and their body weight is also heavy. Their streamlined bodies are not designed for flying through the air. Penguins are not designed to fly and these features make them unable to fly.

If a penguin could fly these modifications would make it able to. They would need to have light bones, so their bones would need to be hollow. They would also need longer wings for gliding through the air, the wings wound need to be long enough to hold the penguins weight. They would need to be lighter, and their feathers need to be lighter and not as densely packed. Penguins would need to have a flat top part of their body and a round chest. Lastly they would need tail feathers to slow down and land. There are different body shapes for different birds and they are used for different things. A penguin would probably have the gliding shaped wing for gliding through the air and catching fish.            

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