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The innovation of modern technology is desirable in our society for developing better future. As technology cultivates, many electronic gadgets come up having different features that may satisfy the users. Mobile phone is one of the common electronic gadgets that people use as a medium of communication. There is also an innovation of certain electrical devices that truly useful to all people. In terms of electricity, it is very significant as one of the foundation of energy, the main source of power for utilizations. Therefore, the use of android mobile phone would facilitate in controlling the electrical devices like light bulb and electric fan not only at home and also in other facility that used this kind of electrical devices. Nowadays, people use mobile phone for interacting other people from long distance.

By the used of modern technology, mobile phones can also interrelate in other electrical devices. Most of the time people used to turn on the electrical devices for 24 hours per day and leaving the device turned on continuously, lead to energy waste. Thus this project is proposed to develop a system to facilitate the homeowner to optimize usage of electricity using android phone. Specifically Light bulb and electric fan to turn on/off using Arduino. Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It's an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board. Arduino can be used to develop interactive objects, taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors, and controlling a variety of lights, motors, and other physical outputs.

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This article about projects using Arduino UNO for easy access from devices and Rasberry Pi for easy access to the internet and media accessibillities. The researcher used this literature to apply in this study since the study is supplemented of automation and connection of smartphone and electronic devices through internet. (Gudino, M. , n. d. )In this article entitled Implementation of Voice Based Home Automation System Using Arduino. It allows the old age and disabled people to control appliances through android phone. Home automation is the topic in this article and it has the relation on the current study that the researcher proposing, Aside from it, It talks about the regulation of home appliances with the help of android phone. (Rajput, H. , Sawant, K. , Shetty, D. , Shukla, P. , & Chougule, A. , 2018)

In their article entitled Intelligent smart home automation and security system using Arduino and Wi-fi. International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science, 6(3),presents a new circuit topology that used in a quiet based web services in an interoperable application layer for communication between the remote user and the home deviceSince the study is about home automation using Arduino and Wi-Fi. It has a comparison with regards to the study of the researchers and it is used as the basis of the study conducting by the researchers. (Chandramohan, J. , et al. , 2017)"Arduino Board in the Automation of Agriculture in Mexico, a Review. " International Journal of Horticulture 8 (2018). This review of Literature presents a low cost and easy to apply system technology using Arduino with applicaton, to raise the agricultural productivity in Indian Agriculture and to the other countries. Arduino is very efficient and low-cost for raising the productivity of certain devices. Choosing this kind of micro controller will help this study simply. (Negrete, Jaime Cuauhtemoc, et al. , n. d. )This article entitled A Review of Home Automation and Security Using Arduino, Bluetooth and GSM Technology. This project can provide the facility of monitoring all the appliances with in the communication range through Bluetooth. It’s all about home automation using arduino and it relates the study of the researcher and it really gives an comparison to controlling lights and electric fan its about automation. (Prof. R. B. Pandhare, et. al. , 2017)LocalThe use of computer information technology results for them to be able to develop products fast and able to cope with the demanding work force and external environment by the rapid development of innovative approaches and lastly using information system confirms the company’s mission vision. Application is one of the major medium upon conducting in this study to run the program and determine whether the proposed system is worthy and useful. (Aquino, 2005)

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ForeignInternet of things: ubiquitous home control and monitoring system using android based smart phone. International Journal of Internet of Things, 2(1), 5-11. This paper presents a low-cost Smart Living System, which uses Android based User Interface for control of home appliances. Connection to the smart living system can be made from the designed app via Bluetooth or internet connection. It also integrates home security and alert system. This article provides the researcher a basis upon controlling home electronic devices using android phone. And this papers stated that the application will use an the major controller of the system. (Piyare, R. , 2013)Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth and internet connectivity. This paper presents a low-cost Smart Living System, which uses Android based User Interface for control of home appliances. Connection to the smart living system can be made from the designed app via Bluetooth or internet connection. It also integrates home security and alert system. The researcher used this article for some relation about controlling home appliances. Bluetooth connection is applied in this papers, and Wifi module is the main sources of connectivity of android phone and appliances. (Kumar, S. , & Lee, S. R. , 2014)

This article entitled Mobile based home automation using Internet of Things(IoT), This paper discusses about IoT and how it can be used for realizing smart home automation using a micro-controller based Arduino board and Android mobile app. In this paper, two prototypes namely home automation using Bluetooth in an indoor environment and home automation using Ethernet in an outdoor environment are presented. IoT is one of the most common platforms that all people used to communicate and explore rare things. The researcher proposing an online based lights and electric fan controller, and by the used of IoT it’s possible to interact smartphone and electronic devices. (Kumar Mandula, Ramu Parupalli, CH. A. S. Murt, E. Magesh & Rutul Lunagariya, 2015)Entitled Humans and automation: System design and research issues. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Issues introduces engineers and systems designers to the relations between human operators or users of automation in transportation (aviation, rail, and highway), communication, manufacturing and chemical process industries, health care, and other fields. It provides a historical context for human factors and automation and describes how the two domains interact to ensure a system in which the human and machine operate with efficiency and safety. The study about controlling lights and electric fan will interact both human operators or users of automations. This will set the researcher on how both users will differ from each other. (Sheridan, T. B. , 2002)

Automation, production systems, and computer-integrated manufacturing. Prentice Hall Press. This book provides the most advanced, comprehensive, and balanced coverage on the market of the technical and engineering aspects of automated production systems. It covers all the major cutting-edge technologies of production automation and material handling, and how these technologies are used to construct modern manufacturing systems. The researcher proposed a system that will automate the lights and electric fan into a high-tech controller. And will be use this as a future technology. (Groover, M. P. , 2007)


According to the published study Online Automatic Switch of Appliances in Journal of Information Engineering and Applications with ISSN 2224-5782 (Print) and ISSN 2225-0506 (Online) Vol. 4 NO. 1, 2014 of Batangas State University, Nasugbu, Batangas, enhances the traditional way of plugging and unplugging of appliances in certain location where the user can access the appliances online. The study is composed of desktop or laptop used to access the project. The relay switches, to convert small to larger amount of current. Modem to transfer internet signals and Arduino board as the primary outlet. The concept of this study is about controlling lights including turn on/off, together in changing speed of electric fan. And this article focuses on how appliances turn on/off using a prototype. This thing will help researcher to gather more information and use this as a guide for doing this study. (Buenas, L. , Dalangin, M. & Masipag, E. , 2014)This study entitled Home automation using raspberry Pi through Siri enabled mobile devices. This study focuses on implementing a home automation system through Siri's capability of speech recognition and through Raspberry Pi as a low-cost control system to automate home devices. Siri Proxy is installed on the Raspberry Pi as a proxy server for Siri. The system has been tested and verified through speech recognition's accuracy tests, response latency tests and success rate tests. This article prefer raspberry pi for home automation using Siri mobile devices, and there are some differences of Arduino and raspberry pi but they are same in terms of automating certain devices. (Celebre, A. , et al. , 2015)

According to the study entitled Development of Wi-Fi - based switch control system for home appliances using android phone. This study presents a prototype that can be used, together with an Android phone as centralized switch for simple home appliances via Local Area Network (LAN) or Internet. It can handle seven devices and it has Arduino as a microcontroller. Renaming devices and password security was also added in the said study. The researcher will use Wi-Fi to connect mobile phones to electronic devices and will use prototype and become the center of the system, the Arduino a microcontroller connected to a relay circuit. (Caldo, R. , et al. , 2015).

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