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The Growing Scale of Loss in Elizabeth Bishop's One Art

Loss is an unavoidable part of life. People lose objects, such as keys, phones, and wallets on a daily basis. These small losses do make them upset, but they live a normal life after a short period of time as it never happened. However, loss...

Analysis of Tone and Structure in Elizabeth Bishop's Poem "One Art"

The poem “One Art” written by Elizabeth Bishop surrounds the poem’s entire purpose starting from the first words read which is the title, (One) to remove the pain of loss by first evening out everything that we lose from door keys to “houses” to people,...

The Sadness of Loss in Langston Hughes' Poem Harlem and One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

Loss can be defined as a means of losing someone or something, typically leaving an individual with a feeling of uncertainty. Elizabeth Bishop and Langston Hughes both published poetry within the same time period. Although completely different people they both experienced tremendous events of loss...

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