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Portrayal Of Japanese Canadian Racial Segregation In Joy Kogawa's Novel Obasan

People these days do not realise how the Canadian government was discriminating and taking actions against systemic racism during World War II. Obasan is a story written by the Japanese Canadian novelist Joy Kogawa that tells a story about how Japanese Canadians were treated by...

Unlatching Incarcerated Voices in Joy Kogawa's Obasan

The incarceration of hundreds of thousands of people of Japanese descent in North America during WWII had ill effects on those affected. Of these effects, there is a perplexing silence: the silence of the community, the silence of the family, and the silence of the...

Fictional and Cultural Analysis of Obasan in Japanese Culture

Holistic thinking allows for the highest benefit in all areas of a healthy life and planning for or taking action to support the healthiest outcome with balance in all areas. The term 'holistic thinking” in the Japanese culture refers to a picture of mentality in...

Exploring the Theme of Immigration in World Literature

The immigrant writers can be categories from nationality of author. The major immigrant literatures are contributed by the writers from Indigenous, English, French, Asian, African, Caribbean and European nation etc. The immigrant writers have mostly dealt with hyphenation experience in the host land. It has...

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