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Dystopian Society In Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go, written by Kazuo Ishiguro in 2005, is about the perspective of a female named Kathy who grows up knowing how she will die and her friends. They attend a boarding school called Hailsham that raises them from birth and is informed...

The Link Between Identity and Purpose in Life in "Never Let Me Go"

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It is known to man that when one knows what when you can find your purpose find a sense of identity to yourself. In “Never Let Me Go” The story focuses on Kathy H., who portrays herself as a guardian, talking about looking after organ...

The Role Of Symbolism In "Never Let Me Go" By Kazuo Ishiguro

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“Never Let Me Go” is a novel that shows what happens when a society is given the tools to freely experiment. These experiments are done with scientific experimentation without taking into consideration the moral implications. One can read this novel as “a cautionary tale regarding...

Human Clones In Never Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro is a British writer of Japanese origin. In 2005, he published his novel Never Let Me Go, which exploded the minds of reading and thinking auditory. The novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro develops in a dystopian world where human clones...

Never Let Me Go: Marxist Ideology in the Lives of Clones

Kazuo Ishuguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ is a unique, dystopian novel which could be interpreted as a Marxist fable. According to Marxist ideology, the working class has always been exploited to support the Capitalist oppressors, and here the idea is carried through to its logical...

The Effect of Symbolism in Never Let Me Go

Ishiguro’s novel, Never Let Me Go addresses questions about past, present, and future ethics and morals surrounding technological advancements and specifically, cloning humans. Using a thirty-one year old named Kathy’s recollection, narration is used to display the inevitability of loss in a preparatory school for...

The Representation of Oppresion in "1984" and "Never Let Me Go"

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Both texts present a protagonist who is oppressed by a group which are higher than themselves as these groups have full control over the characters and their respective societies, the characters arc are displayed to the reader through a first person narrator within “Never Let...

An In-depth Analysis of Never Let Me Go Novel

Although many would argue that Never Let Me Go is a celebration of individualism, Ishiguro’s use of euphemisms illustrates the acceptance of their fate that the clones had, proving that they were nothing more than an enslaved class of society. Furthermore, the framing of one...

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