Necessity Of Use Of Cameras In Public Vehicles

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Cameras should be installed in every mode of public transportation from ubers to airplanes. Many people believe cameras in such places would be an invasion of privacy, but cameras are beneficial in many ways. With them, in place, it could prevent attacks on passengers and drivers, and theft would be less likely to happen as well lower the rate of vandalism. 34 million times each weekday, people board public transportation for whatever reason, and too many times there are people who find themselves in uncomfortable situations. Cameras will provide a sense of security to those who are targeted on any public transit vehicle. There was an article published on October 3rd of this year which tells of a woman in Detroit who claimed an Uber driver attacked her while she was attempting to get a ride from Walled Lake to Novi. After this incident, she told reporters “I will never Uber again and I will never get in a car with a stranger alone,”. Maybe if cameras were mandatory this could have been prevented.

A similar incident occurred June of this year, an uber driver was kidnapped, raped and beaten by her passenger. a spokesman for uber said that all rides are tracked, that is not going to prevent attacks from happening to their drivers or passengers. what could have prevented the attack on this woman? “What the driver reported to police is deeply disturbing and something nobody should have to experience,” the statement says. With cameras that passenger would have thought twice before sexually assaulting a defenseless woman. Although some people may say cameras in public transportation is an invasion of privacy, the security that a camera provides greatly outweighs the feelings of privacy invasion. If the tapes are only accessed by the proper authorities, and all customers are notified beforehand, then they can decide for themselves whether they still want to use that form of transportation.

Cameras are not only beneficial to victims of abuse by either driver or passenger, but also to those falsely accused of things like theft, vandalism, sexual assault, physical abuse. These kinds of accusations can lead to the driver being kicked off platforms such as lyft and uber, and for people who do this for a living would be greatly affected, this happened to a man trying to make a living in Israel. A woman who entered his car said she was going to smoke and when he refused to allow it she got heated and threatened to accuse him of sexual assault. Thankfully he had a camera set up on his dashboard recording the entire conversation. At this day in time, everyone should be wary of strangers. You never know what kinds of people you’ll run into or what will happen. Getting into an uber or lyft or any car driven by someone you are unfamiliar with is dangerous. A CNN investigation has found that at least 103 Uber drivers in the U.S. who have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers in the past four years (O’Brien). The use of cameras in public vehicles form ubers to buses should be a requirement.

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