My Teaching Philosophy - Every Child Should Have the Right to Learn

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Children are different andhave different needs. Every child should have the right to learn and geta quality education. Every child that enters into a classroom should feel safeand comfortable. A classroom should be an environment full of nurturing andenriching.

I believe that the importantgoal in teaching is to encourage and promote learning. My task as a teacher isto inspire a child to become self-motivated and then reach beyond their ownexpectation and beyond my expectation as a teacher. I am very committed inproviding a learning environment that is both exciting and thorough, one that empowers both student and me in pursuing learning. As a teacher I will provide empowers both student and me in pursuing learning. As a teacher I will provideand promote positive learning and a strong foundation for a lifelong learner. Ibelieve that learning should be fun and exciting that is why my classroom willbe inviting and a safe place where children will feel comfortable and are invitedto share their ideas and take risks. My purpose as a teacher is to instil thelove of learning in my learners as well as to touch their lives and mould themto be a better person. It is my wish to create a type of atmosphere wherestudents can meet their full potentials.

One of the most importantconcept I hope to transmit to my student is that learning is a process thatnever ends, for me the learning process includes improving myselfprofessionally that is why I see the process of learning and teaching as amutual benefits for both a teacher and a learner. I see the learning andteaching situation as a free space for one to express their opinion and not bejudge, where a teacher act as a guide, student have access to hands onactivities, student have are able to have choice and their curiosity directtheir learning and where student need the opportunity to practice skills in asafe environment.

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In the process of learning andteaching I see myself as a guidance, providing access to information ratherthan acting as a primary source of information. This means that my role involvemore than simply standing in front of a classroom, in fact even though ateacher spend the most of the day in the classroom but the actual teachingcomponent is only part of the job. As an effective teacher to be I understandthat teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure that the school day runsmoothly and all student receive quality education. As a teacher I have certainroles to play that is to ensure that the young student are capable ofcompleting set task in reading P.S Masina.

Or writing, ensure that theyoung student are capable of thinking. As a teacher I must create a classroomthat is warm and friendly, communicate with parent about student progress andhelp student help student learn by trying to make classroom learninginteresting and motivating.

A learner in the teaching andlearning situation plays a vital role. Role of a learner encompasses askingmany questions and find out new information, making decision independently andis a problem solver, should be confidence so that cannot be afraid to take riskand express their thought and ideas, should give their opinion and view point.

As a teacher to be I believethat learning must take place in context that promote interaction and a senseof community that enable formal and informal order to know the bestcontext in which optimal learning can take place it requires me to observe anddetermine which choice work the best. A best context for optimal learning is aclassroom that is safe, a safe classroom does not allow student to succeed butexcel. The environment must be safe to make mistake, share thought and know thattheir ideas will not be attacked or turned down, another is where I care for mylearners first because I know that no child will succeed in the classroom ifthey are starving so I will take care of them and show them that I care abouttheir social wellbeing, another is where ideas and opinion are valued where Iwill listen and talk to them about their thought, another is an opportunity forindividualisation learning, here I will give each child to show theirunderstanding in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them and I understandthat learners also take different length of time for their learning and lastlya sense of belonging as a teacher to be I understand that people have gotdifferent learning styles some are visual, auditory and some are kinaesthetic,so I will make sure that everyone in the classroom is accommodated according tothe style he/she prefers.

Always show up at work everyday and spending the necessary time to provide my student with the besteducation a teacher inspires, teach andalso learn.

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