My Interest in Finance Studies and Career

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Right from my day one as an undergraduate in Project Management Technology, I have been searching for answers, clues on what to make out of the discipline I was offered as against Electrical Electronic Engineering I applied for. The answer did not come until in my second year when I was offered a basic course in Accounting and another course on Financial Management. I fell in love with both and it was little surprise that I got excellent results in all finance related courses I took; eventually I won convocation prize as the best Student in Financial Management among my graduating cohorts surpassing over 500 students in my faculty.

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After graduation, I have been searching for opportunity to further my interest in finance; The master program in Finance at the University of Strathclyde align perfectly well with my aspiration and career development. The course curriculum addresses key theoretical concepts involving accounting and finance as well as pragmatic approach to applying acquired knowledge in the organization. This I believe is essential for emerging professionals in accounting like me in realizing my maximum potential in this discipline.

My internship experience with Susu Microfinance Bank has exposed me to varied area of finance. In corporate finance department, I witnessed financing decision making process using cost benefit analysis; I partook in budget preparation, management of working capital of the firm, financial analysis, development of financial statement among others. In investment unit, I was part of the team that oversaw investments in short-term securities to long term securities like stocks and bonds. The capstone of my industrial experience was in the financial market department, this department is saddle with the responsibility of analyzing the stock market and making appropriate recommendations to the firm, I learnt a great deal about technical analysis and this knowledge has come handy in my present engagement as a Research Assistant in Accounting Department, Federal University of Technology, Akure.

As a Content Creator and Financial Analyst with Steemit- a blockchain dedicated to blogging and social media, I engaged in diverse research activities and responsibilities that demanded about 40 hours in a week. This has helped to hone both my communication and time management skills both of which are essential to completing Post Graduate Studies. I also feel it has vastly increased my confidence needed to succeed in a competitive environment.

My future aspiration is geared towards being among experts in financial management. In addition to my interests, I discovered there are inadequate professionals in this field in my department and consequently the inability to effectively provide a holistic teaching to students and advance research in this field. Furthermore, new inventions are emerging every day to combat specific financial bottlenecks in different private and public organization alike. I want to be among the change makers providing novel solutions to these challenges in Nigeria, my home country. It is for these reasons that I desire to study Finance at your prestigious University.   

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