My Ideal Team Player Book Review: Picking the Right Candidate

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“Right people’’ - are the ones who has three common virtues: humility, desire of activity and savvy or the ones who is capable at least to develop them in themselves’’ - without a doubt everyone can consider this phrase as one of the main idea of ‘’The Ideal Team Player’’ written by Patrick M. Lencioni. This is a prodigious book about inspired ideas and the secrets of productivity and coherence of teamwork. Many people think that a successful company includes intellectual and broad-minded employees and seed capital but Patrick M. Lencioni doesn’t agree with it and proved that the fate of the organization is determined by the corporate culture of its employees and that’s the key to its success. He holds the view that in our modern world we can achieve the goal only in a team work and he described the ideal team player as 3 basic values he should consist of.

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I’m definitely impressed by ’’The Ideal Team Player’’ written by Patrick M. Lencioni. The author gave us the great opportunity to understand how the ideal team players should look like and what qualities they should have. Besides that he shared the ideas what we have to do to acquire those virtues thus increasing our productivity and overall result of the team work. Anyway, I would like to point out 3 important things that I obtained for myself: 1) In the modern world, it is possible to achieve the goal only in a team. But to do this, it's not enough to merge into groups that share a common goal. Everyone who works in a team must have a set of certain qualities; 2) humility, desire to work and savvy are not innate qualities but people always have a feasibility to develop them if they strive for it; 3) humility is the most essential attribute of the team player. According to our Slimware QA Department I would find some webinars and trainings where I and my colleagues would have a feasibility to learn and to develop, obtain new skills and desire to apply them in our work because everyone has such opportunities that he has never imagined. What is more, we don’t have to be shy and to consult with each other and to share acquired knowledge and experience with others because theory is a good thing, but nothing can replace real practice.

Additionally, it would be bright idea to create so to say ‘’Self-estimate Friday’’ where once in a month all the team workers would estimate themselves according to 3 essential qualities to understand what virtue everyone needs to improve to become a perfect team player. After that we can give a constructive feedback to one another what we should have to do to obtain and to develop this or that quality. This is very important thing in my eyes as I’m absolutely certain that it’s much more difficult to build an effective team when a team member just lacks one of these essential virtues. Therefore, I would also initiate so to say ‘’chat dating’’ where all our newcomers have to write 7-10 sentences about themselves and their vision of our work.In my view it will help us to identify what traits that are required our newcomers have and what we have to do to obtain or to develop the necessary essential qualities. Undoubtedly, for improving our department as a darling team effective and sincere communication is vitally important.

To draw the conclusion one can say that everyone has to understand his team's place and role in the company as a whole as well as himself as an individual. There are no arguments why I won’t recommend my colleagues to read this book because I will definitely do. If the employee does not have certain professional qualities, this will negatively affect the activities of the team. If everyone who dreams about being valuable employee reads this book, he will definitely acquire the virtues of the ideal team player and will understand what to do to become successful and to build a culture of teamwork within the company. And if the employees get the pleasure from the work they do, their interest in the work will increase and the company will become original and persevering.

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