Media Bias in News: The Correlation of Media Bias, Its Social Outcome and Outputs

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Media bias in the news has been around since the beginning of it. Media is a name for the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data comprised of multiple media firms and corporations that produce content relevant to societal needs. “Media was perhaps best exemplified by a popular 1992 Republican bumper sticker that said, “Annoy the Media: Re-elect George Bush.” The media is a representation of what society views at any given time. It comes in the form of entertainment from television, radio, and print broadcast that concentrate on individual specific topics. Brian G Knight states “ Voters are often uncertain as to which candidate to support when going to the polling booth and may thus attempt to gather information regarding candidates from better informed sources.” this give context in theory the way that people receive information is from the media. My goal will be to identify and media bias and as to where it correlates to in the aspects of location, appeal, and the characteristics of the owner of the specified corporation.

The three biggest companies that specialize in the contextualization of content and broadcasting of political news is Fox, NBC and CNN. The three companies all share the same system of news style as they all primarily broadcasted through news and print, but they definitely don’t share the same stories. The AAAI Technical Report states() that through research and analyzing data of 1.7B tweets and 54M users and found the “Political leaning” of the organizations mentioned above with Fox being a republican based audience or “right”, CNN with being neutral or “center” and NBC being “Left” or Democratic. This work, gives context to the political positioning of the media source which can classify as the first layer of bias, political positioning. There are questions that can be asked to further this thought on bias, like “who represents these companies?” and “what are the benefits of politically leaning to a side?”

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The first question will be my choice to elaborate on. The biggest mogul in the media news is considered to be Rupert murdoch. With a net worth of 19.7 billion dollars and featured as the forbes as 24 on the forbes richest people, Rupert Murdoch controls a media empire that includes cable channel Fox News, The Times of London and The Wall Street Journal. After receiving a newspaper business from his father at 22, Murdoch skyrocketed in popularity of his company and was metaphorically placed into the front of command for the television revolution, which occurred in the 1950s where television became more public and was the center of influence for thought and at the point when his dad passed on, Murdoch took over of ‘News Limited’, their privately-owned company. In a limited timeframe, he made it an enormous achievement. During 1950s and 60s he purchased a few distinct papers in Australia and New Zealand. In 1969 he took over ‘Updates on the World’ and afterward ‘The Sun’ expanding his reign in the United Kingdom. He turned into a gigantic news big shot in the wake of getting ‘The Times’ and ‘The Sunday Times’ and numerous other media holdingsIn 1974 he moved to New York with the expectations of growing in the U.S advertise too.

His first pass was to purchase ‘San Antonio Express-News’ in 1973. He started a market newspaper named ‘Star’ around the same time. In 1976 he assumed control over the ‘New York Post’. In 1985 Murdoch got U.S citizenship which implied that he has the privilege to possess a US TV slot. Thusly, Murdoch sold twentieth Century Fox from Marvin Davis and Marc Rich in 1984. By 1986 he was the originator of Fox Broadcasting Company which included six TV stations. Murdoch had lost his Australian citizenship anyway this did never again stop him from working together there. He purchased ‘The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd in 1987. In 1996 he began Fox News Channel a 24 hour link news station. His Fox film studio has numerous worldwide hit movies to its name. In 2005, his endeavor News Corporation purchased Intermix media Inc. which had numerous social sites under its region which incorporates MySpace and Imagine Games Network.

Despite the fact that Murdoch’s way to deal with reporting is seen as populist however numerous individuals it can’t be contended that he has the natural ability to detect definitely what the customers are searching for. He didn’t conform to the conventions yet even better tested existing ones and delivered new types. An ideal occurrence of his striking activities is the Fox News Network that turned into the in advance dull and level data into an emotional ‘Fox News Alert’ with uproarious and brilliant depictions presenting the component of excitement. His methodologies truly functioned as Fox News is presently the most seen news station on the link.

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