Meaning Behind Dan Brown's Revolutionary Novel Da Vinci Code

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One of the most revered and reviled pieces of literature ever written, a work of fiction that was an international bestseller when it came out around 2003, a fast paced fiction, The Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown is about a symbologist Robert Langdon who travels with cryptologist Sophie Neveu through France and England in search of the Holy Grail.

Daniel Gerhard Brown or Dan Brown as most thriller novel readers is a well-known American author mostly for his mystery thriller conspiracy inspired novels, including Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno, and Origin. He is the writer of numerous internationally #1 bestselling novels, including The Da Vinci Code, which has become one of the chart-topping bestselling novels of all time.

His work has also become subject matter of academic discourse among readers and scholars. Being raised by a mathematics teacher and church organist parents, he developed an interest with contradictory interplay between scientific discipline and theology that in due course established backdrop for his novels. He used to teach English before dedicating his full time attention to writing.

It seemed like Dan Brown read a lot of historical novels, ripped out major parts of them, made it simpler and appropriate for wider audiences and a novel became a best seller. He’s quite the master of leaving mysteries within mysteries. His book and writing tends to be more around symbols, keys, codes, cryptography, and conspiracy theories. The historical facts and events in the story are true and created fictional characters and action that takes place in the real world.

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The author is a very literary writer that includes many details and plot and characters that stand much more depth to him. Some examples are descriptions of the characters like ‘his captivating presence is punctuated by an unusually baritone speaking’, and these details helped add much more to his writing. I think the intended audience is people who love reading mysteries, thriller, detective, and crime and conspiracy fiction. On unique and interesting about the book for readers to know is that all descriptions of artworks, architecture, documents and secret rituals in the novel are accurate. The story takes place in accurate and real different places in France and England in just a matter of days making it a really fast paced fiction.

Da Vinci Code is a kind of journey that offers the protagonists’ sense of discovery, enlightenment, tested in many ways that they never would have been tested. Sometimes it seemed a little negative at times; it almost felt there was a little animosity towards the Church, which is fine if it's the author's prerogative. This book could definitely be called transgressed because the main characters are on the run from the police and the Catholic Church. The characters challenged many Christian beliefs throughout the book. But on the brighter side, all the antagonists, all the people who are working against Robert Langdon have a unique agenda. One wants to expose the truth. Another one wants to get justice. One wants redemption. One wants to please his masters. One wants to live in the life of luxury and it's fascinating to watch them all try to work towards the same end. The many different and choppy points of view were an interesting way of storytelling.

The characters as well are all interesting. The protagonist, Robert Langdon was clever and fascinating with his intellect and analytical skills and he carried the story very well. Because he is so smart he had readers not only interested in what was happening but where Robert was going to lead us next. Robert Langdon has also been the bridge between Sophie Neveu, and his late grandfather, Jacques Sauniere in explaining the reason they haven’t spoken in ten years. He explained the reason what drove them apart. Langdon made everything right between them. Each character in the story are so involved and all the information given all about conspiracy theories is so solid that as a reader you would not keep the book down even though you have no clue about the conspiracy theories until you read this book.

And that is why it makes it very interesting as it presents some ideas that most people would not really think of. It kept you guessing and thinking what is going to happen next. It also helps people gain awareness of historical artifacts and European art. It is definitely worth reading. The author really did a very good job spelling things out for a viewer multiple times without making you feel academically challenged. One of the main characters, French Cryptologist Sophie Neveu is also kind of like us, the readers, where she's just hearing all the information for the first time and she has all the questions that is in your head, so the other characters did a good job of breaking that down. In the same way Dan Brown exceptionally did a good job of slowly breaking down information to the readers. It had a cliffhanger style of writing that was fantastic you couldn't put it down. The pacing of it will keep you reading through the night for there are so many questions and it felt like every answer we got only birth more questions.

The style of writing definitely added to the adventure. It was really a smart book, quite clever and thrilling with controversy. The entire time you're reading, you're definitely going to think is it true or is it not true and that makes it a great deal of fun. It was a great bit of historical fun. While the book has been disputed historically, culturally and religiously and such, I felt myself enjoying the story thoroughly whether fact or fiction. I really enjoyed the intricate mystery and gripping style of The Da Vinci Code.

The message whether there's any truth to the theories that are stated in this book is the fact that the church is today is still very patriarchal. Leadership in the church is still predominantly male and the Da Vinci Code makes an argument of it. And another thing for me whether Jesus Christ was married or fathered a child does not in any way diminish his message or his life's accomplishment. And I think his true motive was to encourage readers to question things we thought we knew or things we believed in. Ask questions. Don't just follow what you knew blindly. The Da Vinci Code is intensely clever and the way it urges you to question things you thought you knew about certain histories is very interesting and captivating.

Dan Brown does his work immensely beautiful to carve out a lovely story out of all conspiracy theories that have existed for years.

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