Marriage and Forms Of Marriage

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Marriage provides benefits which are denied to same-sex couples on the basis of their orientation; if the function of marriage is the legal recognition of loving, or “voluntary intimate,” relationships, the exclusion of same-sex relationships appears arbitrary and unjustly discriminatory (Wellington 1995, 13).Same-sex relationships are relevantly similar to heterosexual relationships recognized as marriages, yet the state denies gays and lesbians access to the benefits of marriage, hence treating them unequally (Mohr 2005, Rajczi 2008, Williams 2011).Same-sex relationships are relevantly similar to heterosexual relationships recognized as marriages, yet the state denies gays and lesbians access to the benefits of marriage, hence treating them unequally (Mohr 2005, Rajczi 2008, Williams 2011).

According to the definition of marriage, it is a union of an adult male and adult female were permitted to have sex after that become man and wife following religious ceremony.But this confuses meaning and reference. Past applications of a term need not yield necessary and sufficient criteria for applying it: ‘marriage’, like ‘citizen’, may be extended to new cases without thereby changing its meaning (Mercier 2001). However, same sex marriages have now come into prominence where two people of the same sex or gender, enter into a civil or religious ceremony. In many countries of the world same sex marriages have been legalized whereas in several of the countries it has been banned and such a concept is considered as a violation of the matrimonial laws. It has now come to realise that sexual preference has been biologically determined. There should not be discrimination against them because homosexuality is an unalterable aspect of the identity. Love and fidelity do exist in homosexual marriages where the partners are committed to each other.Homosexuality is also on the rise in most parts of the world in several countries these alliances are considered illegal. A liberal state should not choose amongst the various ways (compatible with justice) individuals wish to organize sex and intimacy. Thus, the state should recognize a diversity of marital relationships—including polygamy (Calhoun 2005, Mahoney 2008) or else privatize marriage, relegating it to private contract without special legal recognition or definition (Baltzly 2012).

'Heterosexuality is forcefully imposed and trust upon people due to the constraints of society and not exactly the natural form of sexual preference' (Adrienne Rich). According to Adrienne Rich, heterosexuality is not so much the natural form of sexual preference but is imposed upon individuals by social constraints. In many Western countries and America, movements by homosexuals have started to legalize their marriages. Across the globe especially in western countries, same sex marriages have become very common. This is known as homosexuality and such marriages which were frowned upon a few decades ago are now being legalized.

The main forms of marriage are:

1. Monogamy:

When a man and a woman remain married to each other until death or divorce separates them,then this is a form of monogamy. It promotes love and affection between the husband and wife and brings about peace and harmony in the family. Monogamous marriages are stable and long lasting. Other forms of marriage also exist but monogamy is predominantly recognized. People of Western countries and the United States show a greater tendency to separate just a few years of marriage and they may marry someone else. This is termed as a serial monogamy in which a person can marry several spouses during his or her lifetime. It can be further divided into two types:

(1) Serial monogamy:

In this type of monogamy, people are permitted to marry again due to the death of the first spouse or after divorce but they cannot have more than one spouse at one and the same time. In many societies and cultures this is openly accepted.

(2) Straight monogamy:

In straight monogamy, individuals marrying again after divorce or the loss of the spouse, is strictly not permitted.

Advantages of Monogamy.

Monogamy enjoys some merits over other forms of marriages. These merits are:

Universally practiced- Monogamy can provide marital opportunity and satisfaction to everyone because there is a one to one ratio in almost all societies. No other form can satisfy everyone equally. Economically better suited- Only monogamy can adjust with poverty because no poor or middle class man can think of polygamy. Better understanding between wife and husband- There is more love between the husband and wife in monogamy. It promotes peace and happiness. Contributes to stable family and sex life- A family which is monogamous is more long lasting because it is free from conflicts that are found in polyandrous and polygamous families. A family with monogamy form of marriage has a stronger family bond. Old parents are taken care- Only in monogamy, aged parents are protected and not neglected. Better status for women- Women’s rights are not recognised and their status is considered low is polygamy. A woman enjoys better social status in monogamy (almost equal status as men). Monogamy is considered as an ideal form of family organisation.

2. Polygamy:

In certain cultures, a person is allowed to have many spouses at the same time. Having more than one partner at a given time is known as polygamy. In bygone era this was a common practice, where men could have several wives at the same time, but now its practice is becoming less popular and people prefer to be monogamous. Anthropologist George Murdock's research has found that 80% of societies had practice some form of polygamy. Depending on ethnicity, race, religion and caste marriage between a man to multiple women and vice versa is also recognised by custom or law and those entering such a union have certain rights towards children born out of such unions.

Types of polygamy.

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(a) Polygyny:

Among the Muslims in African the Middle East Asia, a person can have more than one wife at a time. Having several wives was seen as a man being very prosperous who could take care of all his wives and their children.This improved his status in the society and looked upon as a sign of having immense wealth. In some types of polygamy a man can marry many women who happen to be sisters.

Polygyny is of two types.

(1) Sororal polygyny:

In this type of marriage, the wives are invariably sisters.It is also known as called sororate. The word sister means ‘soror’ which is a Latin word. The practise of several sisters being simultaneously or potentially the spouses of the same man, is known as sororate. This form of marriage is mostly seen in those tribes that remunerate high bride price.

(2) Non sororal polygyny:

In this type of marriage, the wives are not related as sisters.

(b) Polyandry:

The Toda Tribes of South India and Khasa Tribes of North India are known for indulging in polyandry type of marriages. Here it is the woman who can have more than one husband at the same time. For example, in the Mahabharata, Draupadi married all the five Pandava brothers because she loved them all equally. This was a fully legal custom during the Vedic era. According to the Puranas, Marisha too married ten pracheta brothers. The daughter of Muni Jatila married Sapta Rishi or the seven sages. In the Vedic era, there is nothing in the scriptures that suggests that a woman can have only one spouse in marriage.

Polyandry is classified further into two types :

(1) Fraternal polyandry:

In present times,polyandry is mainly practised by tribal women who need helping hands to maintain their land and thus keep the property within the family. Usually the woman marries blood brothers or close relatives this is called fraternal polyandry which is prevalent in the Toda Tribes of South India.

(2) Non - fraternal polyandry

In non fraternal polyandry, the wife goes separately to each of her many husbands to spend time with them. When the woman goes to live with one husband, the rest of the husbands have no claim over her. Polyandry cause a lot of confusion because when a child is born, one does not know who the actual father of the child is. Thus biological paternity cannot be determined.

(c) Group Marriage:

Group marriage is a non monogamous type of marriage arrangement with three or more adults live together, all considering themselves each other’s partners, sharing finances children and household responsibilities. In most countries it is not illegal for 3 or more people to share sexual relationship. Western countries though, do not permit such group marriages and children resulting from such marriages are not given proper rights. In a group marriage, it is also common for two or more men to marry two or more women. Here all the husbands and all the wifvies are common to each other and the children thus born, belong to the entire group as a whole.


Socrates is supposed to have said,“My advice to you is to get married.If you find a good wife, you'll be happy. If not you become a philosopher.' That aside, marriage is a wonderful union between two individuals which is meant to bring love joy and fulfillment to our lives. Being animals we live in a society governed by social norms. In a marriage, reciprocity is an essential requirement it promotes and maintains harmony in marriage. Apart from sex, love and companionship are the binding forces in a marital relationship. They manifest themselves at all levels as affinity, love and altruism.

Marriage, a prominent institution regulating sex, reproduction, and family life, is a route into classical philosophical issues such as the good and the scope of individual choice, as well as itself raising distinctive philosophical questions. Political philosophers have taken the organization of sex and reproduction to be essential to the health of the state, and moral philosophers have debated whether marriage has a special moral status and relation to the human good.( Marriage and Domestic Partnership, 2009). Other marriages like polyandry,polygyny and polygamy do exist in certain pockets of the globe, but generally they are now on the wane. Be that as it may the decision of marriage between individuals should be left to them alone. They ultimately decide what kind of relationship they want to live in and it is up to the society to allow them to live their own life as long as they do not make a public nuisance of themselves.

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