Louisiana Purchase During The Early Republic Period

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I feel the early republic period was the most significant period to shape America. The early republic period is the time that the Louisiana purchase had happened. This purchase was an economical victory as well as a political victory. The Louisiana purchase helped the unites states grow about double it size; making the country strong and powerful. The Louisiana purchase provided the united states with millions of acres and gave the U.S. control of the Mississippi River.

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Since America had Gained all this land it boosted the economy by providing jobs and land for the farmers, making it a country that appealed to people. More land meant more jobs, more jobs meant more people, more people meant more money. This helped shape America significantly making it the strong independent country it is today. The purchase of Louisiana helped America avoid war with France.

Thomas Jefferson was president during the early republic. Jefferson’s goals during his presidency were to reduce the size of the government and repeal the federalist, alien, and sedition acts that were passed by Adam. Right before Jefferson was elected President Adam had come up with an act of 1801. The act of 1801 had changed the federal judicial branch by forming the nation's first circuit court judgeships. This act formed conflict between federalists who wanted a strong powerful government and the anti-federalist who were in favor of a weak government. This act cut down on the number of U.S Supreme Court justices from six to five and banned the requirement of a ride circuit. This act made the federal courts more powerful while weakening the state court, this made the anti-federalists furious. The Supreme Court was never meant to have such power and authority.

Adam also passed an act known as the sedition act, which punished anyone found guilty of insulting us government or making false accusations about the government. Adam also created the alien act that increased residency requirements to fourteen years rather than five, causing the republicans to dislike the confederates. By 1802 the alien and sedition acts were abolished by president Jefferson. The abolishment of these acts was the right thing to do, these acts were in violation of the first amendment which protects freedom of speech and press. The political decisions Jefferson made during the early republic period helped shape America greatly. These are the reasons why I believe the early republic period was the most influential in shaping America. 

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