Lived Experiences of Students With Disabilities

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Physical Task Discomfort comprises a person's life on its daily routine from its way of living and on how they socialize in its environment. The pain disorders, pain is perceived in a different anatomic location such as the lower back, (Kumar et al., 2016). Physical Difficulties gave great impacts that hinder normal activities to be complicated. Over time, descriptions of physical discomforts made rampant stages in medical and literal positions. Understanding and enduring discomforts cause changes in an individual's emotional and physical state. (Elavarasi et al., 2016)

Transportation inconvenience is associated with different life aspects that are experienced by students daily. The factors that affect this are physiological, physical, and well-being (Graham et al., 2015). Student transportation problems pose a great impact that might result in serious circumstances. Long time in arriving at school stresses students with disabilities, thus, they will most likely develop depressive symptoms that could somehow lead to aggressive behavior (McMahon et al., 2015). 

Students with low vision still learn under normal circumstances (visual) although they will most likely need aide like magnified print, enhanced contrast, or larger font size (Turnbull et al., 2002). Students experiencing a decrease in their seeing ability are classified to work more slowly and experience enormous challenges in working with details and letters (Colenbrander as cited in Barraga & Erin, 1992). In class, students who have a poor vision practice using different media in approaching the curriculum, this then, develops stigma and influences children who are normally sighted to generate assumptions about them (Kekelis, 1992; MacCuspie, 1992). 

Learning is the process of gaining knowledge or skill through studying or experiencing a specific object or event. The difficulty in learning is a problem, in which a person cannot gain knowledge or skill properly because of certain interference such as illness, distractions, and others. People with difficulty in learning can experience problems, which they cannot focus on and can affect their academic development (Cicerchia, n.d.).

Concentration is the act or ability to focus on a specific object or activity. The lack of concentration is the opposite, in which a person cannot concentrate because of a specific barrier or hindrance, such as noise, interruptions, and others. People rely on concentration to get through with school and work every day, but when they cannot concentrate, they cannot think, focus, or maintain their attention. Their performance could be affected and also their decision-making skills (Nall, 2019).

Students with social interaction difficulties have a problem in interacting with other people and difficulty in making or maintaining friendships. Students having this disability can also have trouble understanding what other people are thinking and feeling. Difficulties with social interaction have a variety of developmental difficulties, these include learning difficulties, language disorder, problems with hearing, eyesight, attention and coordination difficulties (Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, 2018).

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Social Communication Difficulty is having a hard time in interacting and communicating with other people. This difficulty can affect a person's ability to speak, read, write, sign or gesture, hear, and even understand. Having this disability can affect everyday life. Examples are traveling and communicating or socializing to family and friends (Worrall, n.d.). 

Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior among adolescents and children. This behavior often occurs without apparent provocation, and negative actions can be carried out by physical contact, words, intentional exclusion from a group, or other ways, such as making faces or mean gestures (Del Barrio et al. as cited in Norman & Sullivan, 2017). Bullying is a problem that transcends social boundaries and can result in devastating psychological and emotional trauma, such as low self-esteem, poor academic performance, depression, and, in some cases, violence, and suicidal behavior (Smith as cited in Norman & Sullivan, 2017). 

Students with disabilities tend to have a strong sense of self-motivation by having a mindset that they are no less than other students without disabilities. Self-motivation, in the simplest form, is the force that drives the informants to work toward their goals to achieve personal fulfillment. If you consider yourself being less than you are capable of being, then you will be unhappy for the rest of your life (Maslow as cited in Heylighen, 1992).

Students with disabilities motivate themselves by having a sense of self-efficacy or the belief of their capacity and ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task despite their conditions or disability. Self-efficacy, in which individuals believe themselves as an individual with the capability of achieving goals (Bandura, 1993). Students with disabilities were aware of the conditions as well as their disability, but students felt that everybody is different and their disability did not make them better or worse than any other student (Zambrano, 2016). 

Bearing an optimistic mind is an excellent way of coping up with the difficulties a person is facing. Coping refers to approaches and cognitive functions enacted by a person as a response to lessen stress (Lazarus & Opton as cited in Conversano et al., 2010). Moreover, hoping for the betterment of things or circumstances gives determination to a person to persevere life, and never hand over on his or her challenges. Furthermore, there is a direct relationship within being optimistic and different aspects of life, like problem-focused coping mechanisms, looking for support groups and emphasis on positive aspects of a pressure situation (Scheier et al. as cited in Conversano et al., 2010).

Positive Outlook describes how someone handles and sees a particular situation. A positive outlook means looking for good and opportunities in every situation instead of concentrating on the bad. Having a positive outlook helps you in coping up with your daily affairs in life more lightly (Prem, 2015).  Gratitude suggests thankfulness and gratefulness, it's an associate feeling, an ethical virtue, a habit, a temperament attribute, or a header response (Emmons & McCullough as cited in Craig, 2019). 

It is a feeling of grateful appreciation for what a person receives, whether or not tangible or intangible. With gratefulness, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. Within the method, people sometimes acknowledge that the reservoir of goodness lies a minimum of partly outside of themselves. As a result, gratitude moreover helps individuals hook up with one thing larger than themselves as people — whether or not to others, nature, or subsequently power (“Healthbeat,” n.d.).

Based on the findings, the study showed that students with disabilities are more prone to experience difficulties and challenges both academically and socially. Students with disabilities often get bullied and discriminated by their peers and face different physical problems relevant to their disability. Despite this, the students can cope up with these challenges through self-acceptance and motivation.

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