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When you are told to write an analytical essay on “Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien or find the literary devices in Macbeth by William Shakespeare, it can easily become challenging. It’s even more difficult when you have to read through the lengthy books and take notes. If you are running out of time and need to submit your literature essay fast, see the free literature essay examples that we have collected for you. If you have the freedom to choose your subject, you may use one of the samples for inspirational purposes. It´s also a great way to learn the basics about some books that you had to read through the semester by saving more precious time. There are also more specific essay examples that explain the use of drama and literary devices. Our literature essay samples will help you to learn more about citations as these are essential for both prose and poetry. Notice how each literature essay author has provided a good balance of analysis and citations that are only used as the supporting evidence. Take your time to explore these, get inspired, and you will never have to worry about writing an excellent literature essay again!

Interracial Friendship In Cooper's Books

The embodiment of Cooper’s desire to show the ability of an unyielding alliance to form between those so different occurs after the passing of Uncas. Chingachgook and Hawk-eye heavily mourn his passing and remember him over the young warrior’s grave. Hawk-eye embraces Uncas in his...

Geoffrey Chaucer, The Father Of English Poetry

The English language became more prominent because of Chaucer and his works. According to Rigby and Minnis “probably less of a critical consensus. than for any other English writer and whose complex poetry continues to fascinate and to perplex modern audiences” (2014, p.2). His works...

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