Intolerance and Disparity in Racial Profiling

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There have been many cases where racial profiling is used in criminal investigations and other aspects of law and justice. In an article by Roger Clegg, it says, “Racial profiling occurs when race is used as a criterion in deciding whom to investigate” (2). However, racial profiling is cruel and can detour the attention of the police department away from bona fide criminals and reliable evidence. Some may argue that if certain groups and or races commit certain crimes, they deserve to be investigated or arrested and that this should not be considered racial profiling nor should victims of racial profiling be protected. Anyhow, racial profiling is inhumane and should not determine whether or not someone is innocent or guilty of a crime or whether or not someone should be investigated of a crime and leads to conflict and violence among the human race.

One reason as to why racial profiling is wrong and unlawful is because it is ineffective in catching criminals such as terrorists. An article over the Boston Marathon bombing states, “A Saudi national first identified as a person of interest turned out to be an injured witness” (Izadi 1). This exhibits how racial profiling is unreliable and a waste of time that could be used on gathering evidence and finding the real criminal rather than simply accusing someone of a crime due to their race or religion. With this being said, “The real bombing suspects, are ethnic chechens who have lived in the United States for a decade. They are Caucasian” (Izadi 1). This is far from what the police department originally presumed and proves that racial profiling is completely inaccurate and unreliable when detaining terrorists and other criminals. With this evidence being brought to the surface, the American Civil Liberties Union has even stated that “Such discrimination alienates communities from law enforcement” (Kowalski 1). With Law Enforcement targeting one ethnic group it makes them less credible and less trustworthy which is another reason as to why racial profiling should be disestablished.

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With racial profiling and discrimination being used intermittently, some believe that the End Racial Profiling Act needs to be permitted. According to author, Benjamin L. Cardin, “This act would prohibit the use of race deciding upon investigation, the bill would mandate training on racial profiling issues, and would also provide remedies for those who were harmed by racial profiling” (2). Not only is racial profiling imprecise, but it is not financially adept. Racial profiling “Diverts scarce resources spent investigating people for their race, the fewer resources directed at those actually committing bad behavior” (Cardin 2). Not only is this a waste of resources, but it can harm the victim of racial profiling due to violence and can consequently create a scandal among the police department. With this in consideration, this means that police departments must “Eliminate any existing practices that permit or encourage any racial profiling” (2). This act would not only be beneficial to citizens, but it could also be beneficial to the police departments among different communities through avoiding conflict and possible acts of violence and overall create a safer and more trusting community for everyone within it.

Some people may argue that the End Racial Profiling Act should be abolished because, “The amount of racial profiling that has occurred has been exaggerated” (Clegg 2). However, any amount of racial profiling and or discrimination should not be accepted nor tolerated when determining whether a person is innocent or guilty. In some cases, racial profiling has even resulted in violence such as the event that occurred with Trayvon Martin who was a seventeen-year-old African-American male who was shot by an older Caucasian male. Shortly after this event an article over this issue stated, “Trayvon’s tragic death leads to a discussion of the border issue of racial profiling. I have called to put an ending to racial profiling. I introduced legislation, the End Racial Profiling Act, which would protect minority communities by prohibiting the use of racial profiling by law enforcement officials” (Cardin 1). This displays that this case of racial profiling was not exaggerated and proves that similar occurrences happen often enough in order to get a movement evoked. Due to the discussion of this End Racial Profiling act being permitted, an article by Roger Clegg claims, “If some groups in the aggregate commit crimes at statistically higher rates than other groups, then we would, of course, expect racial disproportions in investigations, arrests, and convictions” (1).

Nonetheless, with new End Racial Profiling Act being passed, officers would no longer be able to use any methods that indicate an act of racial profiling which is why this act should be approved in order to achieve a more trustworthy and peaceful world for everyone. In conclusion, racial profiling should be abolished, because it is financially irresponsible and wasteful of resources and time. Racial profiling is also inhumane, cruel, and has led to violence. This evidence proves that it is unreliable and cannot justify someone’s innocence or guiltiness, but also creates conflict among the human race and without such discrimination, people can achieve a peaceful and more positive world.

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