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Birling Family Character Analysis in An Inspector Calls

The representation of guilt in An Inspector calls wasn’t shown by any of the characters until Inspector Goole arrives along with the news of Eva Smiths death, from that point the guilt from each of the characters is shown in different ways. Each of the...

Analysis of Eva's Role in Inspector Calls

Priestley’s character, Eva Smith, in An Inspector Calls, never appears in the play, but is omnipresent throughout and the audience gets to know about her as the chain of events unfold. From Inspector Goole’s enquiry with other characters into her suicidal death, we can perceive...

Comparison of An Inspector's Call Play and Its Adaptations

“An Inspector’s Call” is about an upper class family whom were having a peaceful dinner party in April 1912. They were then interrupted by an inspector named Goole, he suggest that the Birling Family are responsible for a young women’s commitment of suicide by leading...

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