Influence of Movie Pay It Forward on My Worldview

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The movie was entitled “Pay It Forward”. This movie was made by the prominent actors, Haley Joel Osment as Trevor McKinny, Kevin Spacey as Mr. Eugene Simonet, and Helen Hunt as Arlene McKinney. This movie was presented/enacted inside a classroom in Las Vegas, Nevada during the start of the 7th-grade year of the protagonist. The genre of this movie was romance and drama. I think the movie did good and deserves a rating of 8/10.

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There were one social studies class that has a Professor who gave an assignment to his student that will lead to social change. This assignment tasked them to have an outcome that will improve society, there was a student named Trevor who got an idea of helping three people and instead of paying him back these three people have to “pay it forward”. These people have to look for three other people who need help and gave them a favor. The first recipient of Trevor was a drug addict. Another was his classmate who is always bullied and his professor Mr. Simonet. This professor carried scars of his past and Trevor wants to help him out, Trevor’s mother has also the anger of the past from her alcoholic mother. The fear of Trevor for the fate of his mother Arlene because of his alcoholic and brutal father.

At first, Trevor’s idea was a failure but when a reporter tracks down who was the first originator of it. The reporter started it with the man who gave him an S-class car which is a new Jaguar and this man is helped once by a thief in his unwell daughter in the hospital. This thief was also helped by a homeless woman which is the mother of Trevor’s mother. That’s the time, it was found out that the idea was a success. This pays it forward spread throughout the people and begun a movement.

This movie impacted me in many ways but the most important thing that helped me to become a better part of this society is to lend a helping hand to others around me. Life can be so hard for you as well as others, sometimes when life hits you hard, you’ll feel like giving up and not try to cope anymore but that’s where people will start putting one leg up for you in order to help you stand between challenges and hardships. It does not seem that One’s action can save the whole world but if we stop being selfish and do our part in helping others little by little then it will surely have a great effect on this world we live in. This world is miserable hence we need to be part of the movement or change to make this a better place for us, for everyone around us, and for the future.

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