Individualism And Collectivism: Two Branches Of Philosophy

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The dimension of Individualism and Collectivism, plays an important role in the movie, “Outsourced”. The societies of individualism (USA), only concerns about their own attainments and likes to keep self-space. For instance, Todd despises the boy in the train sit on him and he was totally amazed. Furthermore, once Puro was also surprised as Todd said to him that he doesn’t live with his family and doesn’t even visit his parents frequently. Moreover, Todd says, “In my world, it just makes sense to work your ass off and go into credit card debt just so you can have that 50-inch plasma” also illustrates the individualism in the USA.

However, in the cultures of collectivism (India), considers loyalty to their families, to their groups as the main objective. For example, when Todd asked Puro to go to get the delivery into the exact place, Puro restated that he should take his parents to hospital indicates the high collectivist environment. Besides, the movie shows that the US employees occupy a massive personal areas like the Todd’s boss Dave had, while the employees in India are often cooperating with each other. For example, Asha encourages employees, even being occupied with smaller desks and even the supervisor’s desk privacy was lacking with the reason of the missing glass. Then as Todd witnesses the maid placing food over the wall to provide opposite side’s Indian families nutrient was also represents collectivism in the Indian culture.

High Uncertainty Avoidance and Low Uncertainty Avoidance

In the movie, “Outsourced” denotes the countries, which endures ambiguity have a more relaxed and comfortable viewpoints, and new ideas are always welcomed. They are not prepared for the future, but they live for the present-day. For instance, when comes into the scenario where the electricity shut down at the call center, derives that how excellently Todd combats uncertainty by discovering innovative resolutions for the problem with his neighbor friend to reproduce electricity. Contrasting with the United States, Indians are less relaxing with sudden changes, because they don’t like to go beyond their traditional norms and behaviors, as they tend to believe that God will bring an end to things and rely their future to him. For example, where Todd tells suddenly the Indian employees that their job is outsourced to China, since it is more inexpensive than India, the employees were pleased overtime and holiday, but responded with the absence of strong emotions at that time. On the other hand, when Todd raises Asha to assistant manager, uttering that he trusts her, “Asha can do anything” (Outsourced, 2006), in replying to that Asha expresses Todd that, “I always wanted to believe that, but until you, I didn’t think it was true” (Outsourced, 2006).

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