I Have a Dream: An Inspiring Speech Against Racism

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Martin Luther King Jr.; what comes to mind when you here this historically iconic name? Insurgency, rebellion, dedication? What about his historically acclaimed speech, “I Have a Dream”? This discussion is about a long lasting issues throughout the history of the United States; racism and discrimination.

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Delivered on August 28, 1963 at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, king's intended audience varies from perspective to perspective. Personally, I see the purpose of the speech is to oppose racism and the effects that comes with it. King is able to develop the general idea of the speech in a way that appeals to the audiences simple mindset. He uses references such as biblical and everyday situations to attempt to better relate to the general public. Considering the given time period and the location of the speech itself, King delivers the topic quite efficiently. He is, obviously, speaking of the time that opposes racism and discrimination; the victim. He seems to speak from experience - King, himself, went through racial slander throughout his childhood continuing into his adult life. If he were to have been, let's say, a white middle class male, his opinions towards the subject at question would be different. If he were white, he wouldn't have received constant discrimination and face turmoil on the daily. His life would've been different solely on the fact his skin color is lighter than some!

In theory, jis targeted audience wouldn't have been the same, and if it was, he may have not received the same reaction. His targeted audience varies from place to place, perspective to perspective. In theory, he wanted to connect with the algo side of the era. He used allusions and metaphors that helped them better relate to the situation at hand. MLK, being pretty well established throughout the colored community, that was the majority of the attendees. Activist throughout all spectrums idolized and supported him and his ideas however, the march and the speech itself did not have 100% of support from them. A well known public figure who denied support of the speech and the ideas to come was Malcolm X. He did agree that blacks and whites should march together but to an extent.

King and Malcolm share general ideas regarding racism and the annihilation if it but, they are different in they way they project these ideas onto the general public. Malcolm X is most well known for his speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet”, a speech in which disputes over general justice occurs. His tactics are quite questionable, they are very effective. This given speech took more of a persuasive approach while, “I Have a Dream”, is more motivational. MLK’s speech motivates people to end racial oriented situations. Like any other given motivational attempt, word choice is radiology important. King uses very strong, impactful words and phrases in his speech. That being said, the commentary is very informal.

Sure, there are some formal aspects, but the fact that he included religious references and personal references denotes it from formal to informal. “I Have a Dream” is a strong, informal, motivational speech. It is still relevant in today's society because it left a long lasting impression on people throughout the world. Due to the robust message and the simplicity of the references made, his speech is still able to resonate throughout all age groups including today's youth.I Have a DreamKing, himself, is known today as the grand-champion of all things dealing with equality and justice. If King were to have never attempted to advocate for such rights, who knows how racism in society would stand today.

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