How to Overcome Procrastination by Making It Your Friend

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How to overcome procrastination? Usually, human beings have a tendency to see procrastination as some component bad. They invent dozens of techniques how to give up procrastinating and extend their efficiency, forgetting about the reality that like many extraordinary psychological mechanisms, procrastination serves its own purpose, and possibly even accommodates a message virtually really worth decrypting. So, rather of blaming your self for being lazy, the subsequent time you procrastinate, try to appear to be past it, and mum or dad out what is happening to you. Most likely, procrastination is your friend and in this essay I am going to explain why.

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Overcoming procrastination by making it a friend

There are a range of arguments proving this thesis. First of all, it helps you determine out your most urgent priorities. Usually, you will now now not procrastinate over some minor venture such as sharpening a pencil or ingesting a glass of water. Problems begin when there is some aspect essential or challenging that wishes to be done. Reasons withholding you from doing work can be different, alternatively right right here is a clue to remember: attempt to figure out what precisely makes you shirk as a rule, it have to be exactly what is your top priority undertaking at the second. A pressing matter, an pressing file that wishes to be written through using the end of the day, an particularly tough piece of work, whatever. On the unique hand, procrastination may additionally serve you as an indicator that you are doing something wrong, or that you are pushing your self too tough and want to take some time to rest. Either way, the capability you use to overcome procrastination is a specific story; so far, attempt seeing procrastination as a marker, an index - and you will find out that it can be pretty useful.

For many people, the decision-making machine is a troubling one. This varies depending on the weight of a selection that desires to be made. Making up one's concept to marry any different individual may additionally additionally take months, whereas selecting between orange and pineapple juice is usually a piece-of-cake desire (surprisingly, there are human beings for whom this is the opposite). And, as a time-honored rule, when they have to make an necessary decision, human beings have a tendency to procrastinate. Although we regularly scold ourselves for indecisiveness and on occasion our buddies and family may additionally additionally press us as well in fact, procrastinating in this case is additionally beneficial. According to Frank Partnoy, the creator of the book Wait: The Art and Science of Delay, in this case procrastination is a sign for you to slow down. During this break, you are supposed take your time to weigh all plausible options, accumulate greater information, and make a choice primarily based on the information you reap.

Surprisingly enough, procrastination can even aid you restoration a relationship with some other person. If you had a fight, for example, there is a length of time when anything you say to every different will most possibly be perceived with skepticism or even hostility. Besides, you would possibly have viewed how unwilling you would possibly additionally be when having to make an apology in the the front of a unique person even if it used to be you who was wrong. In this case, procrastination may also additionally grant you enough time to make up your mind, find out your courage, and anticipate of the applicable words (or actions) for an apology. The equal works for any different person: after a cooldown period, he or she will be more inclined to what you have to say. Use this to your advantage.


As we can see, procrastination is now not necessarily a horrible thing. Unlike many humans offered used to believing, procrastination is no longer a horrible trait of character such as laziness, alternatively alternatively a psychological mechanism, the fundamental feature of which is to gradual you down and supply you ample time to sort out your priorities, collect statistics earlier than making an essential decision, or discovering fantastic words to make your amends with any other person. Thus, alternatively of warding off and denying procrastination, you may also opt for to embody it at least sometimes.

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