Importance Of Believing In Myself During My Study Days

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My father always to say to me: “if you want people to know you without telling them your name, first you must courage yourself to do something that they won’t”. Im too obsessed with that words and that give me courage to myself to further study after SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). I further my study in Diploma in engineering (Mechatronic) as the goals I have set for myself. I have made sacrifices in my life that are not many people will do same things especially teenager at my age. Sometimes in life it just takes of one person to help you see what you can achieve with your talent. For me that person is my lecturer Mr.Razak. I only met with him twice for the past two years and the difference from those meeting bring huge impact to myself which is I made up my mind, my goals for the future, and most importantly my self-confidence.

I also found that I had a gifted skill for the engineering learning and, perhaps due to my father’s influence, dreamed of one day becoming an engineer and a lecturer. I began my training in German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) at the age of 18 and finished it after 3 years. My first experienced studying in GMI was excellent, and because I was so young and inexperienced I assumed that all aspects of physical science would make me courage to my goal. I missed being able to learn about such a wide variety of skills in engineering in GMI, and learn very important skill which is soft skill that is how to deal with people. Plus, I as group leader have to understand what team need and what to be planned so that your work can be done excellently.

My grades have always been high, but now that I know my true goal of future, and have the luxury of time to pursue it, I have maintained good grade point while taking other opportunity such as learn how to be a good teenager. I set a goal and manage successfully finish one by one semester at my local college and what is suprising me is Im not only completed the semester, but earned a place on the Dean’s List as well. I have every reason to expect that my academic performance will be higher than before if I open my eye and further study at other country. A wise man said, if u want to change something then you have to change yourself first. I felt a tremendous amount of pride in this accomplishment, and it certainly not easy, but it helped to give me the confidence I that need to set longer term goals.

Last but not least, although the study were long and difficult, my hands-on make me more experience. That gives me more skills and refreshing my love for engineering. I felt more courage, increase my spirit and I wanted to return to GMI as a lecturer one day. I have always dreamed of science (be a doctor) but since my experiment and experienced, I have dreamed only of the future which is to be an engineer and a lecturer. To me, your goal is your dream and don’t stop until you achieving your goal. When you get your goal that’s mean your get your dream.

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