How Huckleberry Finn's Character Was Affected Throughout the Story

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Huckleberry Finn changes the way he makes decisions and also in the way he approaches problems that he faces as the novel progresses. Huck’s decision making matures throughout the story because of how the people in his life affected him. Huck’s character is affected when he fakes his death and leaves home, as he travels down river, and once he gets to the town where he is reunited with Tom. Huck’s friends and family influence his decisions as well as help him mature as he makes his way down the river. Huck’s decision making matures throughout the novel in a number of different instances. His decisions become more appropriate, and he also thinks about the consequences of the decision more as he continues and gets to know his new friends and companions.

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Huck’s decisions change as the novel progresses for the better. When nearing the end of the novel Huck’s character has changed and he has grown more mature and thinks over his decisions before he acts. One instance in which Huck’s decisions haven’t quite matured is when he approaches a small farm and “borrows” some fruit and corn. “Pap always said it wasn’t no harm to borrow things if you was meanin to pay em back sometime, ”(pg 65). This quote shows how his poor Fouquet upbringing from his father affected what Huck later learns, stealing, to be morally wrong.

This is a perfect example of Huck's immature decision making and not considering how it might affect the people in which he stole the fruit and corn from. This happened shortly after he faked his death and began his journey down the river. Huck’s decision to fake his death and run from his problems is just one more supporting detail that symbolizes his immaturity. Huck ran from his problems at home rather than confronting the issue and doing what he can to solve the problem to make things right. Farther down river one of Huck's decisions that shows more maturity is when he, Jim, steal the gang’s boat. When they steal the boat, Huck thinks about the possible outcomes from him stealing the boat. He analyzed the situation and how it might turn out for not only him and his friends, but also the gang after they steal the boat. Huck realizes how the robbers are possibly going to suffer from his decision to steal the boat and feels remorseful for his decision.

Farther downstream Huck goes ashore to try and find help to save the gang and the victim from the wreck. This shows the small increases in maturity and how he is now considering the consequences of his decision and how it might affect the people around him. This is a very big increase in Huck's maturity. Huckleberry Finn is a very unique character. Huck’s ability to very thoroughly fake his death to escape his troubles shows just how smart his character is. Although his smarts come through during his staging, his decisions show his youth while he travels the river with gym. His decision making became much more mature and appropriate as the novel progressed but in Fouquet instances like stealing the fruit and stealing the the gangs boat, he shows his immature side.

Overall Huck is a very well rounded character and learns to make better, more appropriate decisions. And with the more appropriate decisions he also was considerate about how they would affect the people around him and what the consequences would be.

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