How Cyberbullying Can Harm Person's Reputation and Affect Their Life

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Cyberbullying is a crime that takes place online when one person attacks another through the internet. Before technology evolved bullying happened face to face, but through the years computers and cell phones came around and that's when cyberbullying was born. The effects of cyberbullying are absolute. Some effects include; self harm, suicide, and ruined reputation. Cyberbullying is a big issue in the world today. From suicide hotlines to laws people have come forward to prevent cyberbullying from happening.

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As much awareness and prevention happens cyberbullying still occurs. The reality of it all is there are no stopping people from getting behind a computer and harassing one another. 52 percentages of students reported to school when they are being cyber bullied. 33 percentages of teens have experienced cyber threat online. Another 52 percentage students do not report to their parents when cyber bullying occurs. (Brain) The effects are never positive when it comes to online bullying. Some children don’t have that close bond to their parents and they let the bullying happen without informing an adult. The victim can only take so much and their esteem gets lower and lower until finally they feel their only answer is suicide. Suicide happens for multiple reasons, but its number 3 on the list for reasons behind teen deaths. Suicide hotlines have helped children cope with the bullying but there are some children out there that “don't want to be a bother”.

Furthermore, even though laws have been passed children still feel the need to bully one another behind a screen. Cyberbullying occurs more in girls than boys (Patchin). Jealousy does play a big role in cyberbullying. If someone is jealous of another person they are going to try and ruin the reputation of the other. The hierarchy that happens within schools leads to jealousy which gets worse and leads to cyberbullying. The fact that someone can create a lie about another person and upload it online is considered cyberbullying and that simply happens to ruin the reputation of the victim. The person that is in competition to be the most popular is targeting the other to tear them down and their level of popularity. Ruined reputation is another effect of cyberbullying. Although it may not seem so bad to have your reputation ruined to some it's a huge deal.

Finally, though there are many factors in cyberbullying self- harm is next in line to be a main effect. Self harm happens to those who feel the need to hurt themselves as a way of dealing with being bullied. Many teens feel that self harm is the answer to their problems. A little voice in the back of these victims’ heads is telling them death isn't the answer so they turn to self harm. Some children have to face the stress from school and home then they get online and more problems get added to the pile. Why don’t they just delete social media? It’s not that simple people communicate through the dark web and feel they shouldn’t get off of it even though they are getting harassed the internet is an addiction that you can’t just simply stay away from and the next question comes up why can’t the person that’s in the wrong delete their social media instead of me? Well it’s not that simple either the attacker may not feel their doing anything thing wrong just simply stating their cruel opinion. Most of the time attackers know there in the wrong though they do it anyway to be little the other person knowing it may cause self-harm, suicide, ruined reputation, and many other negative turnouts.

In conclusion, many people all around face one of the biggest issues of cyberbullying alone whiter they want to or not. Yes, cyberbullying does need to stop but will it? No it won’t so positive attitude needs to be spread amongst one another and a stand needs to be taken the effects of cyberbullying need to be at a solid 0. No child, teen, or even adult should face cyberbullying. The effects of cyberbullying can either decrease or increase it is up to the world to come together and stop it or let it keep happening along with deaths and self harm.

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