Hiv And The Black Death 

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HIV and the Black Death herniated two continents in their own perspective. These diseases have affected the lives of millions and changed the way we care for ourselves and others.

The Black Death had high mortality rates. Originating in Europe, the Black Death infected sixty-three percent of Europe’s population. The Black Death killed four hundred seventy-five million individuals worldwide. Although the Black Death was one of the deadliest diseases recorded in history, some people survived. Only three percent of Europe’s population survived the Black Death.

HIV/AIDs may not have as high of a mortality rate, but they are very close in numbers. Originating in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, HIV/AIDs infected forty-seven million individuals worldwide. This disease has killed twenty-three million people over the course of five centuries. HIV/AIDs can be treated with certain antibiotics, but it is still deadly. Four out of ten individuals survive HIV/AIDs.

There were very few ways to treat the Black Death. Due to the time period the Black Death occurred, treatment wasn’t impactful. Back then, there were very few antibiotics that would wear away after a certain period of time. Today, we have a large variety of antibiotics. These antibiotics last for a distant period of time.

There has always been some type of treatment for HIV/AIDs, but there is no definite cure. The HIV antiviral is the most used antibiotic. The HIV antiviral lows the progression of infection to other parts of your body. Twenty-three million people are accessing antiretroviral therapy. Antiretroviral therapy is a newer way to help treat HIV/AIDs.

Some symptoms of the Black Death are pain in certain areas, coughing, gastrointestinal problems, and whole-body complications. The main symptoms are a pain in the abdomen, cough with blood, chills, and fatigue. Other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches, and high fevers. These symptoms can be very dangerous and deadly. They can also be subtle and hard to spot.

The Black Death symptoms have a toll on the human body. With fever and chills, your temperature could go as high as one hundred four degrees. Swollen lymph nodes can lead to dangerous infections and viruses. Muscle aches can limit one’s mobility, they can also lead to sleep difficulties. These symptoms are something that you should take very seriously.

Some symptoms of HIV/AIDs are a pain in the abdomen, pain while swallowing, and a dry cough. There are also whole-body symptoms such as fatigue, fever, and chills. You could also have trouble swallowing, gastrointestinal issues, and groin soreness. The most common symptoms are mouth troubles, high levels of pain, and severe discomfort. You may also experience trouble focusing and hallucinations.

HIV/AIDs symptoms are easy to spot, but sometimes hard to contain or tolerate. Pain in the abdomen could mean more than one thing. It could mean constipation, stress, or even a muscle strain. Whole-body symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and chills could mean stomach virus as well as meningitis. In the worst cases, some of these symptoms can lead to a slow and painful death. There are not many things that are worse than a slow painful death.

The Black Death originated in Central Asia, where it traveled throughout the Silk Roads, reaching Europe. From Europe, it was spread by fleas living on black rats. People fled Europe on ships, but little did they know they were bringing the disease with them. The rats would board the ships and carry the disease with them. These rats were filled with the disease and would infect tons of people on the ships.

The Black Death eventually made its way to other countries. Many individuals died in a quick period of time one the Black Death reached North and South America. The disease was so deadly some Plague Doctors refused to treat people. So many people died, some people went down the streets yelling “toss your dead”. In some countries, they would catapult their dead outside the city walls to help with the stench and scarcity of space.

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HIV/AIDs originated in non-human primates in West and Central Africa. There is no definite subject where HIV/AIDs originated from, but it is believed to have come from chimpanzees and sooty mangabeys. Researchers once found a strain of SIV in a chimpanzee. That SIV strand is believed to be almost identical to the HIV strand in humans. Scientists believe that at some point in time, the two strands had crossed species from chimpanzees to humans.

It is believed that the HIV stranded passes from chimpanzees to humans, was caused by chimpanzees being killed and eaten. It was also because of the chimpanzee’s blood getting into the wounds of humans while they were hunting. The individual’s body would have normally fought off HIV, but the virus would sometimes adapt itself to the human body. Within the human body, the virus became HIV-1. Every time the virus would spread from chimpanzees to humans, the strain would slightly change.

The most studied strain is HIV-1, which is the strain that spread worldwide. It is also responsible for the vast majority of HIV infections today. The HIV-2 virus came from sooty mangabeys. The crossover from sooty mangabeys is believed to be very similar to the crossover from chimpanzees to humans. The HIV-2 virus is rarer and less infectious than the HIV-2 virus.

As a result of the HIV-2 virus being rarer, it infects fewer people. The HIV-2 virus is mostly found in some countries in West Africa like Nigeria, Mali, and Mauritania. Some of the first samples of HIV show clues on how it originates and how it spread to humans. Recent studies show that a blood sample can verify if you have been infected with HIV. There are earlier cases that show virus-related deaths that were mostly caused by HIV.

Using the earliest blood sample of HIV, scientists were able to create a family tree ancestry of HIV transmission. The family tree allowed them to discover where HIV originated from. Their studies show that the first transmission of HIV took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The same area is known for having the most genetic diversity in HIV strains in the entire world. It also reflected the many different times HIV was passed down to humans by the chimpanzees.

The 1980s is when the United States first started recognizing the new health condition. 1981 is when the first few rare cases of HIV in homosexual men in New York and California. Scientists realized that the disease was also spreading among other populations such as heroin users in 1982. By September of 1982, the disease was officially named AIDs. By that time, the disease became one of the most popular diseases.

It wasn’t until 1983 that HIV was isolated and identified by researchers. Lymphadenopathy-Associated Virus (or LAV) was originally confirmed as the cause for AIDs. In 1983, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) listed the main at-risk groups, including people with AIDs, who injected drugs. As AIDs began to emerge in the USA, the panic and stigma around the epidemic were high. This was because the cause and treatment for AIDs were unknown.

In today’s society, the Black Death is rarer than it was in the Middle Ages. In 2015 there were twenty-five deaths due to the Black Death. But, in 2017 there were only four deaths. The Black Death is currently treated with strong medicine. You would take the medicine for seven to twenty-two days. How long you take the medicine, varies on how severe your disease or condition is.

There are a few ways to prevent getting the Black Death, but they aren’t always working. One way is to avoid contact with fleas by wearing repellent while hiking, working outdoors, and camping. Avoid dead or sick animals and wear gloves while skinning animals that are potentially infected. Keep pets from running loose and treat them for fleas and ticks regularly, and take pets to the vet immediately when they are sick. You can also keep food in rodent-proof containers to avoid attracting infected rodents.

There are many things you can do to prevent getting HIV. Know your HIV status as well as your partner’s. Avoid injectable drugs or any type of drug. Never share syringes or needles because it can lead to a dangerous infection. Obtain pre-exposure to prophylaxis (PrEP), which is a drug taken by people with a high risk of HIV infection due to their behavior or choice to inject drugs into their bodies.

In conclusion, the Black Death and HIV/AIDs have many similarities such as prevention methods and symptoms. Some of these include limited exposure to infected and swollen lymph nodes. HIV/AIDs and the Black Death also have many differences. Some of these are treatment plans, fatality rate, and origination. Overall, HIV/AIDs and the Black Death are two deadly diseases that have been known and lived through for many decades. 

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