Hatred is One of the Biggest Threats to Humanity

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Maya Angelou once said, 'Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.' Unquestionably hate is easy to come by, people can hate themselves, even hate others, especially if that person has a different perspective. One of the largest problems facing this generation today is the hatred.

The current climate crisis is just one narrative that has affected people on all levels especially those who protest for the climate. In recent events a sixteen-year-old climate activist named Greata Thunber was criticized for speaking her views on the climate. Greata was called “mentally ill, hysterical, and a millennial weirdo,” by those who hold different views on the subject. Meanwhile a pair of activists holding a protest in California broke apart after a man ran up grabbed a protesters phone and through it in the air saying 'I gotta go to work! Get the f— out of the way.” Equally important has been the rise of suicides due to bullying. As a result of bullying on September 30th, 2019 a Tennessee High School student killed himself after school bullies outed him as being bisexual. In addition, 722 miles away a Florida teen just 14 years old killed himself after a teacher 'regularly and systematically bullied, verbally abused and publicly intimidated' the kid. Another tragedy took place in New Jersey when an 18-year-old kid jumped off a bridge after being bullied over his sexuality. Moreover, people have concluded this controversy is inevitable, that this hatred for people with different views or lifestyles is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be.

When humans come to a point of acceptance only then will problems be solved. When we learn about differences and accept them, we learn more about the world and even ourselves. As much as a person may disagree with another person it’s important to not force your opinion on them so that a conversation can happen. In fact, a family in Mount Pleasant Michigan made a point not to divide the Thanksgiving Table because “in the end, [they] choose not to be ’that family’, [they] choose to not attack each other.” In short accepting others and being respectful of their differences even coming to a point of indifference will lead to a better future. Tolerance or indifference goes a long way in this world. Hatred is one of the biggest threats to humanity. Restricting ourselves to people with the same viewpoints or lifestyles means missing out on interesting aspects of life or missing out on knowledge that could be gained.

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