Role Of Anger In Hate Speech And Why Need To Stop It

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What exactly is hate speech? Well, the dictionary has defined it as abusive, or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation. But now it’s known as freedom of speech. Hate speech is simple to understand, someone says something rude to another person. Most times when people use racial slurs or using derogatory slang it’s directed towards another person, say a person from the LGBTQ community someone would use the words that directed towards them. The effects of hate speech should be viewed and treated more seriously.

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Hate speech is taught to generations by adults. Hate speech is honestly taught to kids from a young age, racial slurs that the adults around us say and then turn to us and with a demanding finger state, “never say that it’s bad.” Back in elementary school and middle school, we watch videos during black history month that clearly state the ‘n-word’ (one of the most common racial slurs used in this day and age). The teachers explain clearly to us that it is a rude term used back then. We don’t say it then, but eventually, kids want to seem cooler with cuss words becoming a huge part of our vocabulary it eventually gets added onto the list of words kids heard from their elders and now say. Adults aren’t the only problem, it’s also the use of it in the music kids listen too. Rap music is one of the largest industries of music in 2019, we hear it everywhere, on radios, and TVs. It’s hard to escape. Once again the use of the ‘n-word’ is largely used in rap music and it’s only natural for people to want to look up to sound like the artists they listen too. Why is hate speech a problem though? Hate speech is a problem because it’s becoming used in everyday language. Children use hate speech so often that they think

any use of it is ‘no big deal.’ When really it is! To speak and constantly use rude terms to refer to other people is almost inhumane! Hate speech has also led to violence on a few occasions. For example, in an article written by THE MIT PRESS, a Jehova Witness advertising his religion in New Hampshire by the name Chaplinsky was forced into a violent altercation caused by when a passerby claimed he was using hate speech. The claim caused the two to start arguing and Chaplinsky claimed to have been punched in the face.

“But Hadassah Hate speech isn’t real, people are just sensitive!” Most people think there’s no such thing as hate speech because there’s a large chance that they use hate speech as an everyday language. If you think this way, you probably claim that you’re exercising your first amendment right. You’re not. The first amendment states that we have the right to express an opinion without censorship. You can do those things without using racial slurs. The use of hate speech should be viewed as well as treated much more seriously, In all, we are taught hate speech from a young age and it carries on to how we speak to others later in life. People who’ve been saying it don’t realize that their words are hurting others. That their common use of degrading words is not only making them seem less than smart but also violent. When students, or children, use hate speech, reprimand them more and practice what you preach. Don’t use derogatory terms and when stating your opinion find a way to state it that doesn’t sound violent.

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